Bookies take bets on Pointless moving slots (yep, already)

Since Pointless debuted last night there have been a number of media articles dissecting the social media reaction (“mixed” would be putting it kindly) and ratings, which were the result of a 3 channel roadblock.

Online betting site Sportsbet has gone one step further with novelty betting that won’t make TEN execs very happy.

It is already offering odds for Pointless to be moved from its 6pm timeslot. There are also odds for Grant Denyer to take over as host.

“Denyer is the king of quiz shows, but we’re not sure if even he could save Pointless. Judging by the public reaction to the show’s premiere, viewers didn’t find a lot of good points,’’ said Sportsbet’s Ella Zampatti. Ouch.

$3.00 Pointless to be moved to a different Ten Network timeslot in 2018
$12 Dr Andrew Rochford or Mark Humphries to win the Gold Logie
$16 Family Feud to be put back in the 6pm timeslot over Pointless
$21 Grant Denyer to host Pointless in 2018

Bizarrely they reckon Mark Humphries or Andrew Rochford have a better chance of winning a Gold Logie than Family Feud returning.

Gamble in moderation, of course…


  1. Go on YouTube and watch early eps of UK Pointless. It was a bit shaky to begin with .
    To be on Pointless you have to actually know things…to be on FF you just need to think that a country in which you might see a lion is Africa. The Lowest Common Denominator viewers don’t like Pointless cause they cant answer the questions.

  2. How exactly is Denyer the “king of quiz shows”? How many successful shows has he had? Now he’s making some other rubbish show that his sheep followers will be glued to.

  3. This is not the true Pointless …shame on the BBC for allowing 10 to broadcast a crappy version ..they should withdraw the rights & put on the 2018 UK epps ,

  4. bettestreep2008

    Was looking forward to an Australian version of Pointless – especially after watching repeats of the 2013 UK version on ABC. Sad to say the first episode was unbearable. It was a 20 minute show with zero interaction with contestants and zero humour. Gave it a second chance yesterday and although there was some changes, it was still awful. I won’t be watching again. I give it about a few months. Normally a show this bad would be axed after a few episodes but Ten has spend a fortune promoting it. And they won’t admit they made a mistake – especially after axing an entertaining show like Family Feud.’

  5. Pointless is now doing as bad as FF, but it costs less. Ten won’t make any more, but it will probably run out. Think Tank didn’t work either. The majority of the audience is watching today’s traffic accidents and scandals on 7 & 9. The rest is fragmented across 15 channels watching repeats of their favourite sitcoms and lifestyle shows. Perhaps nothing is going to work at 6pm anymore.

    • Family Feud was rating 200k for its latest episodes. So Pointless is doing almost double that on a cheaper budget. If it settles at these numbers I doubt Ten would axe it. Nothing els they put on would rate better.

      • Shoudy Chen

        Agreed. Alas, there werent anything to watch during the 6pm timeslot so I gave this new show a go. Sadly, theres no interaction among contestants and a lack of humor. Cannot stand Mark Humphries as he shouts too much. Pointless could be in the running for the worst show of 2018.

  6. I saw the ads and my first thought was this would be a great game show for sunday evenings or saturday afternoons, when no one is watching tv. pointless…. the title says it all

  7. I already avoid Pointless on the ABC. It baffles me why we’d need a local version on simultaneously. Like others, the constant ads for it put me off further.

  8. Ok I watched 5 minutes of this junk. They took my beloved Family Feud of for this!!! The only thing I watched on commercial television anymore was Family Feud, My housemate would ask me “What are you laughing at ?” and I’d say the Feud. Booo Now I don’t watch anything on the networks anymore. Enjoy your slow death. Bring back Feud and Grant.

    • I agree with ya Scruff.
      Who wants to watch and be upset by the Fake News of today, when you can watch something that lets you laugh instead. The 5-7pm time slot is quite dead all over now.

  9. Going to go out on a limb and say the Sportsbet employee who created that market was a tad drunk, judging by their over the top social media.

  10. Maev....Sydney

    I never cared for the UK version…gave this a go because of the ads…the best part of this show for me…was the ads… 🙁

  11. Pointless is not very interesting, Channel 10 should cut their loses and instead invest their money into the consumer affairs show The Checkout.
    The Checkout was very entertaining and informative, its a shame ABC had cancel it.

  12. Comparing Pointless to Family Feud is like comparing oranges with apples. Similar but hugely different programs. Almost chalk and cheese. I didn’t mind the Aussie version but it was hugely condensed. The British one is rather long to fill the slot. Ours is condensed for the same reason but perhaps too much so.

    Pointless is a thinking person’s show and I think that will be a big problem for it. We are still appealing to the “lowest common denominator” on commercial tv and Pointless may prove to be too highbrow. Valiant effort Ten.

    • They are the antithesis of each other. FF is about thinking like an ordinary person. Pointless is about knowing what ordinary people don’t.

  13. Watching the Australian version just confirmed my opinion that Pointless is designed for a British audience, where the featured hosts can have long careers on any variety of other TV games shows and within the light entertainment industry,so they know their business.
    The (ABC) UK version is a lot more polished for that reason, these shows usually have a long run because they have a purpose of filling weekly time slots, so with nothing better on these shows can gain an acceptable audience in the UK, it’s debatable whether this will be the case in Australia.

  14. virtualmatt

    I really enjoyed it. The hosts were a bit rough but that will come more natutally. I love the English one and the hosts but an hour is too long. Too much chatting and stalling for time. Last night’s was a lot easier to watch. The jackpot amount needs to be higher. If it doesn’t go off for awhile and the jackpot was day $50,000 plus it would be a reason to tune in. Also the last round show us all the pointless answers so we know at home like the UK one does and not just name a few

    I do think the new sale of the century will be more suited to 5 nights a week and maybe pointless 2x half hour epidodes on the weekends tho.

  15. I hope Ten give it a go for a while before rushing into any decisions to move or axe. You can’t write off shows with one airing – I know the figures will drop as the week goes on as curiosity factor for something new always brings in alot more viewers than what a show will settle into, but who’s to say it doesn’t find its ground and settle into more respectable figures in time.

  16. I think it’s a shame it’s facing such early criticism. It seems a vast majority of the complainers are determined to hate it simply because it’s not Family Feud. Others are disappointed because of what it lacks in comparison to the UK version. I admit, that’s what I’m struggling most with. But I want this to do well. I hope it settles into itself, that the hosts develop a more comfortable rapport with one another and the show, and that I get used to only two questions, with two options, and just 30-seconds to come up with them, in the final round. That was personally the biggest stumbling block for me. I wonder whether it’s a deliberate ploy to get that jackpot climbing to more impressive gameshow numbers, as it’s much harder to win than the UK version!

      • I was under the impression that at least a portion of the votes for Denyer for the Gold Logie came from Tom Gleeson’s campaign, therefore were voting for him ironically rather than genuinely.

        • bettestreep2008

          I voted for Grant weeks before Tom Gleeson jumped in with his stupid campaign. I think the majority of votes for Grant came before the Gleeson campaign. Grant was a much more deserved winner than Karl Stefanovic or Hamish Blake. Now those were really bad choices.

  17. Such odd behaviour. I’m pretty sure this happens no where else in the world? We have an incredibly bitchy TV industry don’t we?

    It’s obviously going no where, otherwise why would they open the betting?

  18. I think it should be an hour long show like the original. Also Mark yelling at the board annoyed me. I am used to Mr Armstrongs dulcet tones. We didn’t get to learn anything about the contestants either with the format being so short.

  19. I thought it was obvious it wasn’t going to take off. The UK? one on the off channel was okay for awhile and then it became a bit boring. I think the trouble with Family Fued was the time slot. 6pm is news or tea time for many people. 6pm use to be the only time for all channels to have the news on once and the ABC was at 7pm for the workers when they got home.

      • Jᴏʜɴɴʏ1ᴘ5

        Yep as Skyhooks sung in 1975:

        “It’s a horror movie right there on my TV
        Horror movie right there on my TV
        Horror movie and it’s blown a fuse
        Horror movie, it’s the six-thirty news
        Horror movie, it’s the six-thirty news
        And it’s shockin’ me right outta my brain.”

        • Jᴏʜɴɴʏ1ᴘ5

          I used to watch the ones on ABC more, F-Troop, My Favourite Martian and The Goodies are 3 I remember well and then 6:30pm came and it was Doctor Who time, for awhile there was a music show at 5:30pm as well called Flashez hosted by Ray Burgess and Mike Meade.

  20. I avoided the commercials for this show (because of TEN’s voice over guy) but decided to check out episode one last night after recording it while I watched the news. It was OK, but it seemed underwhelming for the time slot. The small set, small audience, and small prize money doesn’t have that wow factor which can be a draw card for returning viewers. I’m wondering if it would have worked better as a 1hr format and they shortened The Project down to 30 mins. I don’t see myself as a regular viewer, but I may catch the last 10 mins now and then when I drop the news as they turn to sport.

    • I cant stand the ch 10 voice over guy also.The endless promos put me off watching anything on ch 10 and survivor promos just get the mute button.The shows proposed for pilot week dont look very exciting or stimulating at all.Ch 10 will always be tail end charlie in the ratings because they have no idea what viewers want. I want more Blue Bloods, NCIS and CSI with Horatio.. Love Walker as well but the series are repeats now. Lift your game Ch 10 / 11/ 1.

    • bettestreep2008

      Speaking of which, you can get $3.00 if you bet on pointless getting a timeslot change. I am guessing it will be on Eleven by next week and Everybody Loves Raymond repeats replacing it. And the executive who axed Family Feud and approved pointless be given a 7 figure performance bonus. Well thats what happens nowadays right?

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