Outsiders running without ads on SKY News

SKY News programme Outsiders appears to have been running without commercial sponsors this week as it faces a social media campaign following the David Leyonhjelm interview.

While #AdShame social media posts designed to target advertisers are underway, the programme has been running SKY News promos only during its break.

As one reader noted, “It seems Sky News is trying to head off a social media campaign against companies which advertise during the Outsiders program (after last week’s David Leyonhjelm controversy), by filling ad breaks during the primetime editions of the show this week with Sky promos and ads for Foxtel movies, rather than actual paid commercials.”

But SKY News is not alone in being targeted with Seven sponsors also coming under scrutiny following Sunday Night‘s report on “African Gangs.”


  1. It’s all just comfort food for it’s elderly conservative audience; preaching to the converted in other words. All Murdoch media does it.

  2. No sane company would want to sponsor this amateur garbage excuse of a program. Was most likely they pulled run of station spots. Sky News Australia is so unwatchable now, why call it a news channel when it is so full of one eyed far right based opinon these days?

  3. I’m generally a leftie, but these types of people are even too leftie for me. Social justice warriors that antagonise companies on social media based on advertising during programs they don’t like are the worst kind of people. Almost as bad as those that arrange angry protests over television content. A lot of people need a reality check I think.

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