TEN announces Changing Rooms for 2019

TEN has confirmed renovation show Changing Rooms for 2019.

The UK format, which ran for 17 seasons, ran in Australia for 8 seasons for Nine, hosted by Suzie Wilks.

As indicated by a previous casting announcement, the format sees Sydney-based couples swap houses with their family, friends or neighbours. Each pair decorate several key rooms in each other’s homes, guided by designers before a final reveal.

“Our new show will capture the essence and appeal of the original format and re-energise it, with strong storylines and more kitchen and bathroom reveals, which are proven favourites with Australian viewers” Network TEN Chief Content Officer, Beverley McGarvey said.

“Created by the people behind such proven hits as MasterChef Australia and Australian Survivor, the new Changing Rooms will be fun, bright, energetic and great family viewing.

Changing Rooms proved that renovation could be more than informative: it could also be full of fun, big characters and tension. We cannot wait to bring our exciting new version to viewers.”

Endemol Shine Australia CEO, Mark Fennessy said: “It’s the series that changed the nation’s living rooms and brought in a new era of DIY. Changing Rooms – it’s great to have you back!”

Filming will take place in Sydney from late October to mid December.

A host will be announced soon.


  1. I noticed Ten also putting out a casting call for people in Sydney with “2 or 3 bedroom apartments” wanting a renovation. You’ll have to appear on the show but won’t be doing the work. Any idea what that’s for?

  2. I don’t care for these Reno shows so I sort of hope it fails for that reason.

    Aditionally (and I am trying to be as unbias as possable in saying this) I would be very weary to do a Reno show if I was ten. The market is pretty saturated (with Block and My House Rules).

    Reno shows will air in 2019, but I think only two (possiblly one) will see the light of day in 2020.

  3. Loved this when it was on Nine back when they had more to offer. I’ll watch this on TEN on the condition that it’ll be one episode per week for no longer than 60 mins. Otherwise I’m not prepared to dedicate time to it.

  4. Surely there will be some input from Peter Everett, one of the leading lights of the original series, Ethel Merman impersonation as a bonus!
    He’d be happy to whip up a meal for them all and then Ten would have have both food and décor in one – sort of “Ready, Steady, Create”

  5. Hey channel ten come up with your own ideas. I’m so over these reboots. Oh wait they’re now owned by CBS who love to rehash tv shows. If you’re really keen the one show I want to see come back is The Amazing Race Australia!

  6. No Grant Denyer as host or the viewers will be after you Ten. (It won’t bother me as I won’t watch anyway). My biggest guess for host would be Amanda Keller though.

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