Shane Crawford quits Nine

Footy Show regular Shane Crawford has quit Nine ahead of a new-look AFL show for Nine in 2019, the Sunday Herald Sun reports.

But he is rumoured to be entering I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here tonight.

Crawford, who also co-hosts Kids WB for Nine, has been a regular on the Footy Show since 2009.

His appearances have been notable for their extreme stunts (which should position him well for the coming week), comedy and charity work, including a mammoth run from Melbourne to Adelaide and cycling from Melbourne to Perth.

He infamously dacked Sam Newman live on air, while his grand final show appearances have been known for their showmanship.

If, as expected, he joins 10’s reality show he will also become the third ex-cast member this year from Celebrity Apprentice.

Crawford has also presented on Getaway and Melbourne travel show Postcards.

It isn’t clear who will now co-host Kids WB for Nine.

Updated: Crawford has entered the jungle as first intruder for 2019.


  1. Wonder if he could slot in as AFL Reporter role for The Project for weekly updates before the weekend and for when big stories break, and then appear as part of a 6pm version of Sports Tonight on Sundays?

  2. If I was ever given three wishes:

    1. Julia Morris never to be seen on TV again.
    2. Joel Creasey never to be seen on TV again
    3. Shane Crawford never to be seen on TV a.gain.

  3. Wonder if CBS are looking to a CBS Dream Team type program block on TEN Saturday Mornings like in the US and have Shane as a link host for it. It could play out like a Wonder World type thing with Totally Wild in there as well, hell even throw in an updated Curiosity Show or our own franchise of Mythbusters Jr.

      • Yep stemming out of the Mon -Fri Cartoon Corner Daryl hosted and Hey Hey had one of my all time favourites as a 10 year old in 1971 when it first started, Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp, be good to have something like that again to suit that age group up to 16. Shane also kind of did a similar thing with Kids WB and it is what made me wonder if CBS are looking to bring it here plus I read recently CBS renewed it to 2023, they also have drama type shows catering to that age group. Nowhere Boys would fit in for instance as would the Canadian show Annedroids and a few others ABCME have had, time for that stuff again I think we once did a good one called Spellbinder that was on Nine.

        David had a good interview with Daryl a few years back on it all.

        Part One:
        Part Two:

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