The Recording Studio: Apr 30

Not every episode of The Recording Studio features its star subject behind the microphone.

Tonight Guy Sebastian steps in, plus drag performer Kristian Zorino.

Shirley Brayton
Shirley’s son Nadav was a creative young man and was writing songs his whole life but
tragically died at the age of 16. 42 years ago, Shirley was visiting friends in Australia, while her husband, 16-year-old son, Nadav and 8-year-old daughter, Dorit were left at home in South Africa. Nadav went on a weekend drive with friends to Durban and while he was on the beach suffered a devastating Asthma attack, then had a heart attack and died. The family was devastated. It took Shirley several days to get back to South Africa while in the meantime Dorit remembers her father driving her through the night to reach Nadav in hospital, but it was too late. He left behind a tape of songs, lyrics and score sheets of other music he’d written. Shirley and Dorit want to bring his music to life. They hope it will bring a sense of closure over his tragic death for both of them. Music producer Matt Fell and Music Director Scott Aplin work with various top-notch session musicians and Australian legendary singer Guy Sebastian to bring Nadav’s song to life.

Kristian Zorino
Kristian is a drag queen who has been with his partner Russell for six years and engaged for four. They met online just three months after Kristian came out and have only spent a few days apart in the whole time they have been together. Kristian wants to record ‘From This Moment On’ for Russell, for their upcoming wedding. Kristian wants to lay himself bare in this recording to show Russell just how much he loves him so plans to record this song as Kristian and not his drag queen alter-ego Ester Rix. With the help of pop producing legend Charles Fisher, Christian reimagines this classic his way, with the help of a full band including strings. The song blows away guests and Russell when it is played at the couple’s wedding.

8pm tonight on ABC.

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