Beau Ryan to host Amazing Race Australia revival

Former NRL player turned presenter to front reality series later this year.

NRL footballer-turned-presenter Beau Ryan will host The Amazing Race Australia revival for 10.

The new version produced by Eureka Productions was casting only back in May, seeking duos with mental and physical strength, but have since closed. Previous seasons in Australia were produced by activeTV and internally at Seven.

According to the Daily Telegraph the series carries a $250,000 prize and will air later this year.

Ryan was seen most recently as part of Sunday Night Takeaway.

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  1. Edit to add:
    Personally, I would have paid overs for Ben Fordham (like Today should have)
    He’s a television natural and should be front and centre of any hosting opportunity, even with his hot radio career

  2. I’m actually glad to see that 10 are doing this- it sort of fits the brand quite well. As far as Beau for host, well perhaps it might give him a chance to define himself as a personality outside of the expectations viewers have. He has a sharp sense of entertainment in the television world but has always been pegged as the clown. Much like Osher, he could be a surprise talent in a more skilled role

  3. I don’t care for the host. And the previous Aussies seasons pale in comparison to the US and Asia versions.

    But, I do enjoy The Amazing Race, so I’ll be watching. As someone else said, I really hope that they stick to showcasing the beauty and wonder of the places they visit and interesting challenges instead of manufacturing “drama” between the teams. The … was it Australia vs. New Zealand season was bad enough at false drama between the teams.

  4. Wow – I did not see this coming, but I am very pleased because 10 have proven their mettle with producing great local versions of shows. 7 did do a terrific job with their last incarnation of TAR though so it will have some work to do to not be constantly compared (unlike Australian Survivor which both 7 and 9 produced with the quality control of a blind slop bucket inspector so 10 had an easy job on improving on what had come before). Also, I don’t know / haven’t seen anything with Beau Ryan so I’m glad to see a new face hosting. Count me excited!

  5. I think a lot of people on TV Tonight predicted the return of The Amazing Race Australia and it being on 10. I just hope 10 picks up the American version as well, because Seven doesn’t advertise it, and then moves it to late night.

    Besides, I think it is appropriate for 10 to air the American version as well as it airs on CBS in the US.

  6. Am a big fan of the US TAR. Didn’t think the Aus versions were nearly as good but still worth watching so great to see a local version back again.
    Not keen on Beau as host though – found him immensely annoying on Sunday Night Takeaway.

  7. Hopefully they don’t drive it into the ground by turning it into a MKR style faux-drama fest like Seven did. I’d have more faith if activeTV were producing, but I’m willing to give them a go.

  8. First thought … ugh yuck in judging him particularly from the stupid bits I’ve seen from his Footy Show days.

    But, it could work. Similar to TARCanada’s host Jon Montgomery, I could see Beau being a fun cheeky character – explaining (& in many cases demonstrating) the task in an excitable manner. It’s a change from the Phils & Grants of the TAR world.

    The thing is he can’t do his stick when eliminating teams or presenting locations with a unfortunate past. He has to play that straight, particularly in the later case.

    Beau, you got a TAR fan whose mind you can change right now. Good luck, Travel Safe, … Go.

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