Time to go: Big Brother House, amphitheatre now erased…

Aerial photos show nothing is left of the famed Big Brother site on the Gold Coast.

The house and amphitheatre used by Big Brother at Dreamworld have now been completely removed, consigning a once-loved show into TV history.

Demolition of the amphitheatre took  place over recent weeks and follows the fire of the adjacent house / compound.

4 children aged 11 – 15 were charged with arson, to be dealt with under the Youth Justice Act.

Photos: parkz.com.au

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  1. i would love BB back but any chance of that happening went up in smoke the UK BB house has also been demolished so that almost definitely won’t be back i wish the US was the same as the aus/uk version

  2. I think you’ll find the amphitheater was demolished to make way for the latest revamp of Dreamworld. Where it used to sit is where a new roller coaster is going to be built. Makes sense if it’s just sitting there and not being used, why not get rid of it and use the space the reinvigorate the theme park.

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