Why is A Very Brady Renovation not on Australian TV?

This is the incredible renovation completed in A Very Brady Renovation which goes to air today in the US on HGTV.

The short-run series by the lifestyle cable channel sees the 6 original ‘Brady kids’ renovating the actual house used for exteriors, to replicate the TV interior. The house is often described as the most famous house in the US after the White House. Duh.

They guest across the series, hosted by The Property Brothers with other HGTV personalities. Having all 6 actors is a major coup -normally at least one holds out.

The reno involved adding a second level for the kids’ bedrooms (Greg doesn’t get an attic, but I think he has a basement) and I’m hoping there is astroturf in the backyard. HGTV has now decided to hold onto the house for channel events and is even giving away contest prizes for fans to sleep over. Jealous!

But so far this is yet to be picked up by Australian networks, despite all the lifestyle channels we have and that property renovation is clearly big.

Ardent Brady fans are not happy about that and Jane Kennedy is campaigning for its inclusion via her Triple M radio show.

There are a bunch of promo clips on YouTube, but it’s up to a very Brady TV exec to make this happen on air.

UPDATE: Just heard insider info that the show is finalising details for an Aussie screening. Stay tuned.

Petition: Get ‘A Very Brady Renovation’ on Australian TV!


  1. Generations of Australians grew up with this as a staple of weekday afternoon television viewing. It was remiss of the networks to think this wouldn’t be the television event of 2019 and there wouldn’t be huge interest in it. I couldn’t wait to see the show. Currently watching and can’t wipe the smile off my face.

  2. Why does it have to be on a Lifestyle channel?
    And there is no HGTV on my Fetch.
    Plus this is the second Brady series not to screen in Australia … we never saw The Bradys here, the dramatic “Brady-something” show in the 90s where FakeMarcia was an alcoholic, Jan was infertile, Cindy was having an affair with a married man … you get the idea

  3. I wanna watch this so bad… and I guess I know how to given it hasn’t been picked up yet.
    Isn’t there a whole HGTV channel on fetch? Is that not a replication of the US channel?

  4. 9 Life could show Life of Bryan & new Property Brothers (which I saw in Canada in May) and a Brady Renovation. But is astounds me how many repeats are on 9Life (and the other multichannels). And they wonder why people use streaming services? It annoys me that 9life keep advertising shows (that have already aired and don’t have a R for repeats)

  5. I never liked it but it’s strange how no Australian tv network is showing it it’s only 6 episodes and couldn’t rate much worse than some shows do especially tens Saturday night shows

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