Netflix buys Avlu, Turkish adaptation of Wentworth

Another nod to the legacy of the great Reg Watson….

Wentworth fans will be able to check out Turkey’s adaptation of the Foxtel hit from Friday after reports Netflix has picked up the worldwide rights to the series.

Netflix inked the deal for Avlu with Fremantle, who produce the original Australian. Netflix also screens Wentworth in multiple territories. Adaptations were also made in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Avlu has been a ratings hit since its launch on Turkey’s Star TV in March 2018. The second season, which wrapped in May,  drew a peak audience of 3.8 million viewers for the channel. Season three is set to premiere in Turkey later this year.

Meanwhile Wentworth is due to go before cameras again shortly in Melbourne, with Foxtel confirming the final 20 episodes to play out across two more seasons.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. Incidentally, the Turkish Neighbours adaptation (Komşular) was axed after 5 weeks (25 episodes) with its final episode having aired in December 2017.

  2. I wonder if they will be identical to the versions broadcast in Turkey (perhaps uncensored, as Turkey has some weird, nonsensical censorship rules for FTA), or if they will be (mercifully) abridged, cutting all the fat, or if each 160 minute (or so) episode will be split up, perhaps into three episodes each.

    The typical episode of a primetime show in Turkey usually runs at over 2 hours, occasionally in excess of 3 hours in length (*before* ads; typically 3-4+ hours with ads!) so I am curious as to how the international/Netflix version will be handled. For example, game shows such as Millionaire and Deal or No Deal spend an intolerable amount of time on padding, as do most dramas, with excessive use of slow-motion/montages and inconsequential chitchat.

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