TV Tonight Awards 2019: Story of the Year, Best Channels

The raid by the Australian Federal Police on ABC, and the surrounding clampdown on freedoms of the press, was the biggest story of 2019 according to readers.

It took out the Story of the Year award in the TV Tonight Awards.

That was just ahead of Network 10 dumping all 3 MasterChef Australia judges, followed by Tom Gleeson’s Gold Logie win and speech.

Perhaps the bigger news is that Network 10 has narrowly taken out Best Free to Air Network, toppling ABC from the perch after a 7 year run. The two biggest networks are actually trailing the rest with site readers…

10 Chief Content Officer Beverly McGarvey said, “We are genuinely honoured to have been named Best FTA Network for 2019.  I would like the thank the TV Tonight community not just for the support, but for keeping us honest over the years!

“All of us at 10, and our partners in the production community, will continue to work hard to bring great Australian content to our audiences, and we will continue to take some big swings and try very hard not to miss.

“Thanks again for this very special endorsement, it is a lovely way for us to start the year.”

FOX Showcase (rebranded from Showcase) retains its place as Best Pay TV Channel as does Netflix for Best Streaming Service -can it ever be toppled?

Sam Pang has again been voted Most Underrated Performer -both Have You Been Paying Attention? and The Front Bar were category winners this year.

Wild reality format The Circle claimed International Show We Need to See -a US version is now screening on Netflix having launched 3 days before voting closed.


The Story of the Year: ABC raid / Freedom of Press
MasterChef judges dumped
Tom Gleeson Logie win + speech
Nine wins ratings crown back from Seven
Game of Thrones ends
(2018: ABC meltdown: Michelle Guthrie, Justin Milne feud)

Best Free to Air Network: 10
Nine / Seven
(2018: ABC)

Best Pay TV Channel: FOX Showcase
BBC First
FOX Footy
(2018: Showcase)

Best Streaming Service: Netflix
Foxtel Now
Disney+ / Kayo
(2018: Netflix)

Most Underrated Aussie Performer: Sam Pang
Deborah Mailman
Celia Pacquola
Scott Tweedie / Jackie Woodburne
(2018: Sam Pang)

International Show We Need to See: The Circle
I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here UK
Station 19
The Kelly Clarkson Show
(2018: I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here UK)

There were 474 surveys completed this year.

37% of you visit the site more than once a day, and 31% once a day.

90% of readers voted the site Excellent or Very Good, with just 2 people voting “Disappointing.”

Thanks once again to all who participated.

Meanwhile Show of the Decade survey results will be published next week!

TV Tonight Awards: Best of 2019
TV Tonight Awards: Worst of 2019


  1. Maybe Story of The Year ,ABC 7&Federal Police but i did not see a Raid , just an appointment made & several people in suits walked in with 3 ABC tv crews following from the footpath .As i saw it on their News at 7PM . No doors busted .

  2. CAnnot think of what I’ve voted but in the story of the year section—I voted 9 wins ratings crown over 7. After 12 years of 7 dominance, 9 returned to the top. 2019 was a good year for 9 with Aus Open, Lego, Ninja Warrior, CWC19, The block, Origin, Ashes. NRL GF. Although Perth didn’t win any weeks, it increased its prime time share by a big margin. I think that this decade, 9 will dominate well thanks to tennis.

  3. Maev....Sydney

    I have enjoyed reading all these results…and the Oops ones…..
    All this while lying in your hiatus hammock with a pina colada in one hand…???

  4. Each to their own I know but for the life of me I can’t understand how two people could vote this site disappointing?? It would be interesting to know the reasoning behind the vote.

  5. carolemorrissey

    I can’t even remember what I voted for now. There are a few where I couldn’t decide between a few things & can’t remember which one I decided on. I forgot Station 19 for show we need to see. My mind just went blank.

  6. I am not a big commercial TV watcher. But I will say that of all the commercial channels, 10 is the best in terms of providing a point of difference. They tend to be a bit bolder in commissioning TV shows. Sure they have their “same” shows, but they are more inclined to take more risks than the other commercial channels do. Lastly I think Australian Survivor is the best produced show on Australian TV. It is different to the US version and it is visually stunning.

    • Agree Neil about Australian Survivor, excellent production and visually stunning. Dare I say it, but I think the Australian version is done better than the US version.

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