SAS: Who Dares Wins suspends production

In very disappointing news for Seven, TV Tonight can reveal reality series SAS: Who Dares Wins has stopped production in New Zealand.

A Seven spokesperson confirmed, “Seven and Screentime advised today that as a result of the continually evolving situation with COVID-19, production of SAS: Australia has been suspended until further notice.”

The series, based on the UK action contest, put through a gruelling two week training course led by  Chief Instructor Ant Middleton (pictured).

The celebrities include Jackson Warne, son of Shane Warne, former ironwoman Candice Warner, former Australian cricketer Mitchell Johnson, Olympian Jana Pittman and swimmer Shayna Jack.

It was hoped that being on the ground in NZ before the country’s 14 day isolation ban was announced that it would finish shooting.

Now the stars and crew will face a 14 day isolation when they return to Australia.

But the shutdown comes rather embarrassingly for Middleton, who had taken to Instagram with a video declaring “‘COVID-19 doesn’t affect me. So the experts, thank you for advice, but it’s not needed for me.”

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Covid-19 doesn’t bother me. Why?!? Because I’m strong and able like the majority of us and it has no benefit or positive impact on my life. If you are vunerable to covid-19 then the ‘expert advice’ is yours to take onboard, listen to it! Because it doesn’t effect me, it is merely ‘advice’! That however doesn’t mean I am not sensitive towards the situation and towards others but I’m treating this situation like I would ANY given situation, with ‘COMMON SENSE’. Does covid-19 effect me?.. ‘NO’! Should my life change?…‘NO’! Should I be sensitive towards others and the situation (like I always am)?.. ‘YES’! Am I going to do my best to protect and provide for my family first?.. ‘YES ALWAYS’ and in order to do that we must all stay calm and take on advice that’s relevant to our personal situation, and for the majority of us there is no threat. Even if you do contract the virus, some of you won’t even know about it or some of you will have a s**t couple of days at work wondering if you have it or not! What about the vunerable I hear you say…’Self isolate’ like the experts tell you, protect yourselves, let the strong and able (like the majority of us) look after you, let us do our bit for the community and the economy whilst trying to prevent our own personal lives and families from stooping into unnecessary depression and finiacial difficultly, let us re-establish a bit of normality and contain this fear. If the media went into self isolation for a month I guarantee that normality would resume. Please just go about your lives being humane, sensible and continuing to challenge any difficult situation that presents itself head on, like we always have! Stay calm, stay positive, and use common sense. If there’s ever a time to step up and show up… It’s now! #fuckcovid19 #calmdown #resumenormality #nochangenochange

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The shutdown for Seven comes on top of the closure of Holey Moley, Back to the Rafters, delays to Australia’s Got Talent, and an unclear future for AFL and the Olympics.


    • The demand for content is up though look at ratings the last week. The two issues going forward though will be whether businesses have enough money to advertise and whether networks can keep content supply up.

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