Airdate: Takeaway Reheated

10 is turning to its archives, with lockdown content from Julia Morris & Chris Brown added into replays.

10 is turning to its archives, replaying highlights from Sunday Night Takeaway -on Saturdays.

Takeaway Reheated will also incorporate Julia Morris, Dr. Chris Brown & Beau Ryan in newly-filmed content direct from their living rooms.

The feel-good, all-fun, entertainment show where anything could happen is back. Yep, grab your plate and line-up for an even more delicious second serve of Sunday Night Takeaway… but this time it’s

From their ‘isolated’ lounge rooms to yours, all the best bits from last season’s show are polished and freshly plated up by our hosts via their inter webs.

Every Saturday night for six weeks, hosts Dr Chris Brown and Julia Morris will be supported by an evolving cast of celebrity guests, to bring you Saturday night save-the-date entertainment.

Buckle up and strap yourself in for more outrageous fun, huge giveaways, hilarious pranks and superstar singalongs.

6pm Saturday April 18 on 10.

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  1. This will be exciting but it would have been better to have been Blind Date or Game of Games segments instead…

    Of course, if this does well, hopefully we’ll be seeing Chris and Julia on our screens throughout the year more and Beau Ryan being featured more on the network (and not just on Amazing Race at the end of the year/on 10’s reality competition shows). Hoping that there will also be live giveaways in addition to the previous prizes.

  2. And next Ten will probably drag out the terrible Rove revival – how many shows did that get before it was axed – two ?
    Now that was train wreck television.
    The real irony here is that Ten already had a long running entertainment / variety show that was working…before some numbskull decided they could do it better / cheaper by making it in-house themselves…
    And that decision spectacularly backfired and it now appears The Living Room won’t be seen until 2021…and these people keep their jobs ?

  3. I think it’s a great idea . I didn’t watch it originally but as there’s not usually anything decent on Saturday nights I’ll give it a go. It’s nice to watch something light before getting stuck into the dramas

  4. Didn’t this show rate poorly when it originally aired on Sundays?

    Sadly, Saturday nights 6pm slot has been a disaster slot for some time now for Ten, with almost all shows rating very poorly. I can’t see this “Takeaway Repeats”, oops, I meant “reheated” rating that well either…

  5. I think this is a great idea, I’d happily give it a go. From what I saw, the show itself looked incredibly slick, I’m not too sure why I didn’t watch it when it was on

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