Natalie Barr to host Sunrise 2 days a week

Sunrise presenter Natalie Barr will now host the Seven show 2 days a week,  after Sam Armytage requested a reduced workload.

Seven’s news boss Craig McPherson told the Sunday Telegraph, “Sam’s doing a great job. We’re happy. The ensemble is doing fantastically. There is no suggestion we want her anywhere but here.”

Armytage, who recently returned after 5 weeks recovery for a respiratory infection, will also forfeit one-fifth of her salary. This follows Seven staff asked to take a 20% salary cut, but which expires on June 30.

Nat Barr will host with David Koch on Mondays, and with Armytage on Fridays, with a pay boost as a result.

Yesterday Armytage upstaged the news by announcing her engagement to partner Richard Lavender.

“What a year…” she wrote in the Instagram caption, adding several emojis including a ring, heart and a dog.



  1. tolliver333

    Yeah why not it aint going to change Sunrise that much. They do it with Good Morning Britain where Piers Morgan Hosts 3 days a week, Suzanna Reed 4 days a week, Ben Shepard and Charlotte Hawkins one day a week. Still better chemistry than today ….

  2. Interesting. Love it when Nat & Sam host on a Friday. Plus this means Eddy is doing news 2 days a week which is good because the ‘Entertainment Report’ had been reducing and reducing over the years.

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