Returning: The Montreal Comedy Festival

Comedy special on 10 with Peter Helliar, Rhys Nicholson, Tiffany Haddish and more.

10 has made a change to next Tuesday’s schedule with an NCIS replay out and a Montreal Comedy Festival special is in.

Update: two more will follow.

Starting 8.30pm next Tuesday, 30 June, settle in for three nights of LOL’s with the 2019 Montreal Comedy Festival. 

We’ve handpicked the best bits from the best gigs, featuring acts from Finland, Scotland, USA, Ireland and Australia. 

It’s just like going to a live comedy show (remember those?), but without the overpriced drinks or the annoying guy in front of you wearing an obnoxious hat and obstructing your view.

Gracing the world’s funniest stage are comedy stars Pete Helliar, Tiffany Haddish, Nath Valvo, Becky Lucas, Wanda Skyes, Ronny Chieng and Danny Bhoy, just to name a few.  

8:40pm Tuesday on 10.

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