Survivor out of US schedule

More bad news for the Survivor tribe with CBS yanking the show from its Fall schedule.

Survivor postponed production in March on the day that the WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic.

The series had hoped to get back into production on season 41 in May. Despite Fiji declaring itself COVID-free there are still hurdles to overcome, especially given numbers in the USA.

CBS said producers are continuing to work with officials in Fiji on the “appropriate time” to start production with health and safety matters its top priority.

The network will now screen a completed season of The Amazing Race in its place (which is also yet to resume on its subsequent season).

10 is yet to outline plans for an Australian Survivor return after being forced to cancel plans in March. It will not screen again in 2020, but there are still hopes for 2021.

Survivor (US) screens in Australia on 9GO!

Source: Deadline


  1. I’d rather wait for a proper season of Survivor with the proper reunion show – Season 40 was hands down the best season yet but the ‘reunion’ show was so disappointing – no-ones fault, just how it had to be.

  2. harrypotter1994

    It will be interesting if the season of Amazing Race ,which they stopped after only a couple of legs, goes ahead if they will resume it from where they left off or how that will work.

  3. I’m disappointed in not getting Survivor 41 this year! However, TAR 32 is a pretty darn good alternative (whenever Australians get to see it… six months after the US LMAO!)

  4. I really hope in some way it’s possible to film Australian Survivor for early 2021. It would really suck and be a shame if we have to wait till the end of 2021 having one 18 months without a series.

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