Filming underway on ABC’s Aftertaste

Erik Thomson stars as a fallen celebrity chef in ABC comedy shooting in South Australia.

Filming is underway across Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills region on upcoming ABC comedy Aftertaste, following COVID-19 delays.

The six-part comedy series (previously known as Yes, Chef) stars Erik Thomson as Easton West an internationally-renowned yet volatile celebrity chef who has a spectacular fall from grace and returns to his hometown in the Adelaide Hills.

West endeavours to rebuild his career and restore his reputation, with the help of his talented, young, pastry-chef niece Diana (Natalie Abbott).

The series also features Rachel Griffiths (Total Control, The Wilds), Wayne Blair (Mystery Road, Top End Wedding), Susan Prior (Glitch, Frayed), Peter Carroll (The Power of the Dog, Crazy Rich Asians) and Remy Hii (Harrow, Spider-Man: Far From Home),  Kavitha Anandasivam (The Hunting) and Justin Amankwah (Fat Pizza vs Housos).

Erik Thomson said “I am thrilled to be finally donning the chef whites and working with such an exciting cast and crew. The Adelaide Hills is the perfect backdrop for our irreverent take on food culture, and the notion of the notorious celebrity chef.”

The series is created by Julie De Fina and Matthew Bate, directed by Jonathan Brough (The End, Rosehaven, The Family Law) and produced by Closer Productions (The Hunting, F***ing Adelaide, Animals).

CEO of the South Australian Film Corporation Kate Croser said the SAFC-commissioned Deloitte Risk Assessment Tool was crucial to ensuring the production could meet its COVID-safe requirements.

“The Risk Assessment Tool has been instrumental in navigating the path back to production, and providing the framework and structure needed to get this production up and running within COVID-Safe guidelines,” she said.

“We congratulate Closer Productions on this home-grown ABC primetime comedy commission, the first for a South Australian company, and their determination to get this great new series on screen. They are paving the way for other productions to start shooting in South Australia.

“It is also fantastic to partner again with the ABC to deliver high-quality television content following the success of flagship dramas Stateless and Operation Buffalo, and the recent ABC Children’s titles First Day and Are You Tougher Than Your Ancestors?

Producer Rebecca Summerton said “With the support of ABC, Screen Australia and SAFC, we are delighted to commence filming today. We have a terrific cast and crew and are looking forward to bringing this irreverent new comedy to audiences soon.”

Minister for Innovation and Skills David Pisoni said, “The rigorous work done by the South Australian Film Corporation to support Adelaide’s Closer Productions has resulted in screen production re-starting in the state. We welcome the news that 76 crew and 34 cast from South Australia are back working in our local screen industry.

“The production will also employ almost 200 local extras.”

It will premiere next year on ABC.

Production Credits: Aftertaste is a Closer production for the ABC, with major production investment from Screen Australia in association with the South Australian Film Corporation and financed with support from the ABC. Producers: Rebecca Summerton, Matthew Bate and Erik Thomson. Executive Producers: Julie De Fina and Rachel Griffiths. ABC Executive Producer: Rebecca Anderson. International Distributor ABC Commercial.

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