Will Amazing Race Australia, Five Bedrooms still air in 2020?

An update, of sorts, on two 10 shows we're looking forward to.

COVID’s curveball continues to keep networks on their toes as they deal with an ever-evolving crisis and finding a new normal.

Nobody can blame them for having to be nimble with their schedules, reeling from the great production shutdown of 2020.

But we haven’t heard much about a couple of key 10 titles which were last flagged to screen this year.

The Amazing Race Australia had to rethink its original ambitions to travel around the world, but later set its sights on domestic destinations. That was before border closures and state quarantine impacted. The Eureka series faces big hurdles to get its episodes in the can, but regional Australia where the virus is much lower may be the key.

Host Beau Ryan has told the Daily Mail Victoria and Western Australia may be hard to include in the next season.

“We’ll probably be on the road eight-to-nine weeks, which is a lot. Longest I’ve ever done,” he said.

10 is expected to confirm its plans at its coming Upfronts, but TV Tonight hears whispers the show could land early in Q1, especially given Australian Survivor is yet to regroup. This might explain a bigger output from the show…

Meanwhile the good news on Five Bedrooms is filming was completed several weeks ago in Melbourne after it was halted during the pandemic. 10 had also flagged this for 2020, but with no quotas required it too may land in 2021.

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  1. How about replaying some of the great Mini series that we had in the 80s and 90s!
    Shows like Bangkok Hilton, Against the Wind, Bodyline, Underbelly.
    There would be many people who have never seen theses shows a and others who would love to see them again

    1. Much as I adore Against the Wind, I showed this recently to my kids (because they don’t teach early settlement history at school anymore) and it is seriously slow-moving. I don’t think it would stand up to FTA viewing now.

      Lots of miniseries that would be just great, though.

  2. Without TAR what will 10 air once Masked Singer finishes?? All they have for prime time is the bachelorette and MC junior right? Regardless of the Covid situation with TMS, if I was 10 I’d consider a schedule something like Sunday: TMS, Mon/Tues: Bachelor, Wed: Family Feud and Thur: Gogglebox at 7.30

  3. I’m really surprised they aren’t doing a locally filmed celeb jungle before years end to fill some holes. Maybe the Doc and Julia are busy and too hard to organise crews in short time.
    Im tipping TAR for Feb.

  4. I’m a Celebrity is apparently going to be filmed at the british version’s camp near Murwillumbah NSW. 10 may delay it till ratings period starts in February.
    Any news on filming of MAFS? It is mainly filmed in NSW so could still go ahead.
    7 has biggest problem! What have they got planned to replace MKR and House Rules? Big Brother or Holey Moley would both need to be in planning and set construction now!
    Going to be interesting to see what does air next year!

  5. I could easily see TAR Australia airing when I’m A Celebrity usually does (mid-January), but I’d assume they’d wanna hold it off until the ratings season starts? (mid-February)

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