Where to for Australian Survivor?

10 has two options for a location for 2021 and potentially 2022.

10 is yet to make a decision on the location for Australian Survivor.

10’s Beverley McGarvey, chief content officer and executive vice president of ViacomCBS Australia and New Zealand has told Mediaweek, “We just haven’t made the final decision yet. We may shoot in Australia. We are shooting I’m A Celebrity and The Amazing Race in Australia, but there is no final decision yet on Survivor.”

TV Tonight understands Tropical Queensland was previously explored as a site with Screen Queensland, for two back to back seasons to justify costs across 2021 / 2022.

But Fiji is also an option should travel allow. Fiji is a cheaper for the show, especially around labor costs, and comes with local incentives. It is also home to the show’s infrastructure. Watch this space as 10 keeps it options open for later in 2021.

The Dog House UK has been promising for 10 on Saturdays and the Australian production announced this week, is likely to become a Saturday offering in 2021.

“An Australian version will help us grow our audience at the back of the week at certain times of the year,” she said.

Todd Sampson’s Body Hack was confusingly announced for 2021 however it too is impacted by COVID restrictions.

A Network 10 spokesperson said “Todd Sampson will definitely be back on 10 in 2021. Due current travel restrictions, we are working on what that will look like.”

The Amazing Race Australia, currently filming, plans to highlight a number of little-known corners of the country.

“The only place we are not going to is Victoria. Not only are we going to many of the iconic and beautiful parts of Australia, we are also going on a road less travelled too.”

It is expected in Q1.

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  1. I think back to back filming in Fiji could work. Seems like the government likes the money Survivor brings in. Maybe CBS could co-ordinate and film U.S season 41 with Aussie season 6 simultaneously, then go back to back and film U.S 42 and Aussie 7 right after. Cuts costs for both productions. Probably unlikely to happen that way but maybe something that could be explored. Or even do two Aussie vs U.S seasons for screening on both CBS and 10. Not sure how these logistics would work though considering you’d have to co-ordinate between CBS, 10, MGM and Endemol. But it could be a fun idea to explore

  2. Happy that Survivor is back anyways…looking forward to Dog House and am hopeful that Body Hack will use this season to explore some of the more local experiences/jobs in our own backyard, like when they did their firefighting episode.

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