Holey Moley: promo

Seven has released a promo for Holey Moley, which will kick off its 2021 programming slate.

This features Greg Norman, Sonia Kruger, Rob Riggle and Matt Shirvington.

Greg Norman even said, “I’ve played the world’s greatest golf courses – St Andrews, Augusta – but they’re nothing compared to this. Being named Holey Moley’s Resident Pro is without a doubt the biggest moment of my career.”

Rob Riggle added: “This is set to be the most challenging, high-flying, electrifying new show on the planet!”

Gotta love ye olde worlde Seven jackets… very World of  Sport.

They will come from across Australia to take on the most epic obstacle mini golf course ever created, but only a new breed of contender will survive this competition.

The country’s most skilled and passionate golfers will battle for supremacy on insane, supersized mini golf holes.

Towering windmills, fire-breathing dragons, shark-infested lagoons and a giant sausage – it’s the course that has everything. No inch of astroturf has been left unturned in creating this unmatched test of precision putting and stamina.



  1. What a bizarre promo to be approved of in light of Denise Drysdale’s injury obtained at 3:30am during in her words “a segment that should never have been considered”.

    “What could go wrong?” – Sonia
    “You know what we call that, a lawsuit.” – Rob

    I hope for Denise’s sake, the inclusion of these quotes to advertising the show is an acknowledgment of negligence and an unsafe work environment, and production are liable for damages.

      • Yeah i thought the same thing. I thought it was just going to be a massive mini-golf game and instead we have these extra elements which make it look so much worse. I won’t judge entirely until i see an episode but yeah…unsure now.

  2. I’d prefer all Australian hosts, rather than an American guy I haven’t heard of (no disrespect) but don’t we have our own talnet pool to draw from?

    • Yeah. Lazy production values when they couldn’t be bothered to source replicas of the red 7Sport jackets from the colourful Seven era and instead copied the baby poo yellow ABC America jackets.

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