Lucinda Cowden returning as Neighbours’ Melanie

Another blast from the past is returning to the good folk of Erinsborough.

Another blast from the past for Neighbours with Lucinda Cowden to reprise the role of Melanie Pearson in 2021.

She appeared as Melanie between 1987 and 1991, with her character marrying Joe Mangel (Mark Little) before returning in 2005 for the show’s 20th anniversary.

Her return was also teased in a promo this week in which Toadie was spotted with a mystery woman.

The announcement follows Jacinta Stapleton’s return as Amy Greenwood.

Source: Digital Spy

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  1. A nice surprise yes, better late than never I guess. It was a great shame that Neighbours split up her and Joe Mangle for when Joe returned in 2005. As I thought these two were neighbours most compatible couple, even more so than Scott and Charlene.
    I’m not loving the bringing back of characters, where there’s no one left that they worked closely with in the past though. I’m finding that Amy with her awful fashion sense, more an annoyance than a welcome return.

    1. Amy lived with Toadie, so that’s a strong connection. I do agree that she was an odd choice to bring back, though. Former characters with a stronger link to the present work better, although it could be argued that Jane and Clive only had links to Paul Robinson when they returned, and yet they’ve slotted in nicely with the current characters. Speaking of former characters, I think it’s time for Libby to make a permanent return. Susan and Karl’s family don’t visit them often enough!

  2. A great (and welcome!) surprise! The only current characters she has any connection to are Paul, Clive (briefly) and Jane (who was her niece for a while, which also makes her Nicolette’s ex great-aunt, which is truly bizarre…!), so her return must be linked to one of them. She and Toadie were never in the show together, so it’s interesting that they were paired up in the new promo. It’s brilliant that Neighbours so wholeheartedly embraces its past and regularly brings back former cast members. I’m certain the idea of bringing Scott and Charlene has crossed their minds more than once. Jason would be fairly easy to convince (given Gemma’s cast member status), although Kylie could be harder to convince. Never say never, though.

    1. Jason has said that the news of him returning would overshadow his return. I guess the same fir Kylie. If they ever did it, they should keep it under wraps and not reveal it until they are shown on tv.

      1. Absolutely! They would need to keep it very tightly under wraps, although Neighbours tends to do a good job at this (Lucinda’s return was revealed when they wanted it to happen, and the same has been true for other returning cast members). They really do run things well, there, don’t they?

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