Nine confirms The Weakest Link

Nine has now confirmed a new season of The Weakest Link, as rumoured by TV Tonight.

BBC Studios Australia and New Zealand, led by director of production Kylie Washington, will produce the series in Melbourne for Nine.

Nine head of content, production and development Adrian Swift said in a statement: “Weakest Link is one of the world’s most loved and enduring quiz formats. It’s not just about what you know, but also knowing who’s your biggest threat and when to bank your winnings. We are very proud to have the new Weakest Link here on Nine.”

A host is yet to be confirmed (…Magda Szubanski the hot tip).

Source: Real Screen


      • roaringdave

        “absolutely will not tune in”, “a great turn off”, “won’t be watching”, “not suited for this”, “uninspired choice” ….ouch…

  1. There is only 1 person for this role – Bronwyn Bishop. Look at her work on Paul Murray Live on Thursdays. She will instill fear in the toughest of contestants…

  2. I dare say Nine might try poach Andrew O’Keefe now he is out of contract with Seven, makes sense or even Karl Stefanovic would work.

  3. Throwing my hat in to the arena, how about Lee Lin Chin? Would be wonderful, or as TheMighty, suggested Gretel Killeen?
    If it’s Magda, won’t be watching.
    Glad KylieW has got this, she is amazing, could put a housewife there like Gina *joke*.

  4. As long as Eddie Mcguire wont be host of the show. I agree we need to have a revamped The Price is Right a decent version like Channel 9 had. Also revive Wheel of Fortune and Sale of the Century. I’d sit back and watch these.

  5. As much as I love Magda, she’s not suited for this unfortunately. Wish 9 could fly in Jane Lynch to shoot the season over a two week period. I love watching the US version on you tube.

  6. TheMighty_SC

    I am quite excited about the reboot of TWL. The host: I am probably leaning towards Gretel Killeen over Szubanski (as I couldn’t stand her). I am hoping that Nine will have a fresh set, a new music theme and a fresh voiceover for the game show.

    • In “hoping that Nine will have a fresh set, a new music theme and a fresh voiceover” it’s unlikely that 7 will donate any of these to 9, and, set and music will copy the UK format, as is done for The Chase.

  7. I’ve been watching episodes of the Australian and UK series of late and have been hooked all over again. Strange that it ever got axed. I overwhelmingly prefer our queen Cornelia (RIP) but Anne Robinson has grown on me too. Meanwhile, Jane Lynch is terrible as the new host of the U.S. version. She excels at playing nasty (scripted) characters, but fails miserably as the stern schoolmistress persona that the concept tends to favour.

    And I absolutely will not tune in with Magda as host of the new Australian version. I daresay that she may be an even worse choice than Jane Lynch. And speaking of former Kath & Kim stars, I think Gina Riley would do an infinitely better job in the role. Gretel Killeen (as suggested before) would be a great choice too.

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