Airdate: Starstruck

Rose Matafeo comedy coming to ABC begins with a one night stand with a British celebrity.

New UK comedy Starstruck, featuring New Zealander Rose Matafeo (Dead Pixels, Funny Girls, Squinters, Have You Been Paying Attention?) will premiere on ABC in late June.

The six-part series follows the antics of Jessie (Rose Matafeo) as she navigates the complications that arise after having a one-night stand with a celebrity.

Created and co-written by Matafeo, it also features Tom Kapoor, Emma Sidi and Minnie Driver.

The series recently launched to positive reviews in the UK.

Co-written by Rose and Alice Snedden (Funny Girls, Bad News), Jessie is a millennial living in East London juggling two dead end jobs. Following a drunken New Year’s Eve hook-up, she finds herself navigating the awkward morning-after-the-night-before when she discovers that her random hook-up is actually the famous film star Tom Kapoor (Nikesh Patel; Four Weddings and a Funeral, Hulu; Indian Summers).

What she thought would become an amusing anecdote soon turns into something more, as the couple realise they can’t keep away from each other. Jessie’s world couldn’t be further from Tom’s, working multiple jobs to afford her overpriced flat she shares with her best friend, Kate (Emma Sidi; Pls Like, King Gary). Despite her doubts and his fame, their connection brings them together to try to navigate a possible relationship under less than ordinary circumstances.

Production details: 6 x 30 minutes. Directed by Karen Maine (SXSW Award-winning Yes God Yes). Executive Producers are Rose Matafeo, Jon Thoday, Richard Allen-Turner and Rob Aslett. Series Producer is Toby Welch. An Avalon TV Production.

Wednesday 23 June at 9pm on ABC (all episodes available to binge on iview).

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