Big Brother VIP cast confirmed

Leaked cast for BB VIP is now confirmed by Seven.

Seven yesterday confirmed its cast for the upcoming Big Brother VIP season.

Most of the names had been tipped in media reports including Caitlyn Jenner, Thomas Markle Jr. and -as first tipped by TV Tonight– Omarosa Manigault Newman.

Filming is currently underway at “Big Brother’s first-ever luxury hotel” at Olympic Park.

They winner lands $100,000 for their nominated charity.

Bernard Curry – Actor
Caitlyn Jenner – Olympian and Political Candidate
Danny Hayes – Big Brother 2021 Favourite
Dayne Beams – Former AFL Captain
Ellie Gonsalves – Actress and Model
Imogen Anthony – Fashion Designer and Model
Jessika Power – Reality TV Star
Josh Carroll – Model and Content Creator
Luke Toki – Reality TV Fan Favourite
Matt Cooper – NRL Superstar
Omarosa – Political Aide and Author
Thomas Markle Jr. – Famous Big Brother

Hosted by Sonia Kruger, the series airs later this year on Seven.

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  1. Its bizzare that Jenner chose to spend 2 weeks locked in hotel quarantine on the other side of the world in the middle of an election campaign just to be on this stupid show with people she doesn’t know or care about.

    Was she that desperate for money? Does she not have rich friends she can call in favours from?

  2. I have a real dislike of the use of international celebrities who are not actually part of the competition and agree to do just the minimum period for promotion and then leave. It just seems to be unfair play in what is intended as a competitive environment.

    Also a little uncomfortable with Dayne Beams involvement. He has made it clear publicly that he abuses prescription drugs and has indicated no desire (at least in public) to stop his addiction. If he uses this as a platform to promote illicit drug use then I think that would be a poor message to communicate.

    With that said I think these are the only two contestants I have heard of. “Reality TV Contestant” is not a celebrity or VIP career nor is having some blood relationship with someone who actually is a celebrity.

  3. Not the best cast at all only ones i know are Bernard Danny and Luke but i will probably watch it

    given that this year is 20 years since it started they should have done an all stars version with people from each season

  4. Caitlyn Jenner was seen in LA on Saturday…..so she did 2 weeks quarantine and only a few days in the BB house? Wow…supposedly $500k for that. Surely that money could have been spent on celebs in Oz?

  5. Sorry how appalling having three celebrities from overseas. Those celebrities have been put up in hotel quarantine where those room could have been used from one of the 35,000 Australians still stuck overseas.

  6. Oh wow. That has got to be one of the great turds of a Celebrity (ahem sorry… VIP) lineup in reality show history.
    Oh no Bernard Curry what are you doing here? You were just in Wentworth…

  7. I honestly have no idea who have of these people are “kyles ex”.. are we really scrapping that low? And Danny back again… ugh.

    Again, I say it’s a very disappointing cast compared to celebrity versions of masterchef and apprentice this year.

    Thing I’m looking forward to most about this is seeing a new house after two years!

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