“There For Every Moment” ad is sans Alan Jones

SKY news print ad with a range of high-profile presenters, prompts some observers to spot who is missing.

As part of its 25th Year anniversary (which fell in February), SKY News has published full page newspaper ads showcasing some of its current presenters and reporters.

“There For Every Moment” includes news images of bushfires, COVID impact, Black Lives Matter protests, Melbourne Cup, Scott Morrison, Gladys Berejiklian, Biden, Trump, Princess Diana, William & Kate and 9 / 11 disaster.

SKY faces include Paul Murray, Kieran Gilbert, Peter Stefanovic, Peta Credlin, Andrew Bolt, Andrew Clennell, Laura Jayes and Anneliese Nielsen.

But some media observers have noticed Alan Jones is not included.

Jones, whom SKY last year referred to as Australia’s most successful broadcaster, first joined in 2013 as part of Richo + Jones and has fronted his own programme since July 2020.

Jones is not the only one excluded (in a 25 year retro David Speers might have been a consideration), but his absence does come at a time when one of his editorials led to a temporary YouTube ban, and not long after his column was dropped by The Daily Telegraph.

Meanwhile Guardian Australia reports SKY News has deleted at least 31 videos that question the public health response to COVID-19 or promote unproven treatments.

On Friday SKY News will face a senate inquiry along with representatives from ACMA and YouTube.

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  1. No Chris Kenny, Sharri Markson, Rita Panahi, Nicholas Reece, Chris Smith, Cory Bernardi or Cate McGregor either (I’ve probably missed others). Is a better question why those in the ad were chosen over others? Is it that the others left out aren’t as controversial, or have lower ratings?

    1. I have a feeling they try to “avoid” the after dark crowd in the broader promos of this channel vs the daytime team which is way way better and are actual journalists..most of the night mob are loudmouth columnists (not actual journos) or commentators (not actual journos)

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