Luke Toki wins Big Brother: VIP

A Reality TV favourite breaks a curse to take out his first competition title.

Luke Toki has won Big Brother: VIP and broken a curse of falling at the final Reality TV hurdle.

Last night he defeated models Ellie Gonsalves and Josh Carroll in a laborious finale that lacked an audience and atmosphere.

Toki won $100,000 for his charity, the Perth Children’s Hospital, whose cystic fibrosis unit has helped the Toki family -plus a further $10,000 in a last challenge.

“I’m so happy. I cannot believe it!” he said, adding”… it means I get to go home to Lennox and tell him that Dad won!

“It’s so great that I get to go back to Perth Children’s Hospital now, pretty much go back with a big stack of cash, $110,000!”

Toki is an Australian Survivor “King of the Jungle” and fan favourite who had previously been denied a place in two finals, by coming fourth.

In 2019 Australian Survivor fans raised over $550,000 for the Toki family -more than the show’s actual winner received.

“Maybe it might be better to come fourth and get a GoFundMe page than actually win it,” he said of Survivor.

Last night to fans he said, “This one is for you. I’ve finally done it. I’ve won something. Thank you to everyone that has supported me…I will remember this moment forever… love you guys!”

This three week season of Big Brother: VIP has not rated well for Seven but it will hope for better success next year when former contestants from Nine and 10 seasons return to the game.

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  1. I’m a huge fan of Big Brother but I wasn’t ever tempted to watch even 1 minute of this VIP season. Itn my mind it came across as even more insincere, manufactured and desperate than the regular seasons on 7. Also hated the location. The whole thing put me off.

  2. Luke was the only legit VIP of the final three but I’m very glad he won, though I really wanted to see Berny (Curry) get further than he did. It was a very interesting season with a terribly boring finale. It made me both gain and lose respect for Caitlyn Jenner (how on earth she can support Trump despite being such a trans-icon and advocate is baffling to me) and I wanted to get to know Omarosa more but was denied the chance due to her early exit. Still, not a brilliant season but I’m glad I stuck with it.

  3. Congratulations Luke. Well deserved win for his charity. It’s such a good cause. Honestly in 2022 i don’t expect this to be back but i’m looking forward to the next season of BBAU with all the old favourites returning.

  4. Hardly a VIP if you have to Google them to find out who they are and still don’t know even after googling. Other than going on Survivor what has he actually done to become a VIP. no wonder this show failed.

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