Would Alone Australia return to Tasmania?

A second season of survival hit looks to be a certainty for SBS, but where would it film?

There seems little doubt SBS will greenlight a second season of its hit show Alone Australia.

The broadcaster has had an open call for S2 casting since early April.

Since then the show has drawn bumper numbers through VOZ for the broadcaster, with the first six episodes passing the 1 million viewer mark.

SBS is even calling it most watched original production in their history, in terms of total consumption-of course there were no BVOD numbers in the days of shows like Go Back to Where You Came From, nor VOZ in the days of Struggle Street.

Nevertheless there is no denying the success of the show produced by ITV Studios Australia.

SBS Head of Unscripted Joseph Maxwell recently told TV Tonight a second season was under consideration.

“We’re scoping out. We’re not committed at the moment but basically we’re exploring all possibilities. With a show of this scale, it takes a very long time to do anything. So it makes absolute sense while there is attention for this show to go, ‘Okay, what would what would happen if we were to go again?'” he said.

With the show’s preference for cold locales the show could feasibly return to Tasmania, but there are already whispers of a New Zealand shoot.

“We wouldn’t necessarily look at the same place, but we could do. So typically, the US has ended up in lots on Vancouver Island in Canada, but it has also moved around. So at this stage, all options would be open.”

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  1. We need a new location please! I do fear that if Season 2 of Alone Australia is one again filmed in Tasmania, it could be quite repetitive…

  2. I’d like to see it moved around. There are so many environments in this country conducive to filming a show like Alone. If I were a betting man (and I am) I’d already be filming the next season in the Daintree. I’ve got ideas for locations SBS, gimme a call (lol).

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