Neighbours resumes Mike & Jane storyline

New episode with Guy Pearce & Annie Jones screen on Wednesday.

Somebody please alert Kate Winslet.

Guy Pearce will make his return to Neighbours on Wednesday, joined by Annie Jones.

As revealed by TVT, their scenes were filmed secretly in February in Surrey, UK.

Executive Producer Jason Herbison said, “Fortunately, Guy was very committed to seeing the storyline through and absolutely wanted to honour their relationship and their romance, and the fact that the show had ended, with Mike and Jane together buying a house. So we came up with a storyline.

“It was the very first time the cameras rolled for the new series of Neighbours and it was actually in the UK, back in February. We shot for a couple of days with with Mike and Annie at a beautiful estate in Surrey.”

He added, “I think the viewers understand that Guy’s on the other side of the world and he’s very busy actor. He’s probably not going to be on the ground here week in, week out in Ramsay Street in our next series.

“But I think where we do land with Mike & Jane is a very elegant way to see them again, and honour the characters and also, sort of, set up for the future.”

Neighbours screens 4:30pm weekdays on 10 (rpts 6:30pm 10 Peach / next week on Prime Video).

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  1. I wondered how it was rating too, but it’s showing up in so many locations, the Main Channel at 4.30pm and next day at 9:30am, 10Peach at 6:30pm and then 10Play, it would be difficult to combine all these showings ongoing and we’d never know how many watches on Amazon Prime

  2. It would have been good for 10 to advertise that Guy would be appearing in todays episode. Have the ratings been good for neighbours compared to what they were for B&B?

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