The Block scores on a night 10 chose not to compete

Room reveals deliver the night to Nine -while repeats on 10 decides the competition is too hot and runs a repeat.

With the success of Seven’s talent quest, 10 opted not to screen The Masked Singer last night but its substitute programming was all but ignored by viewers.

Once again room reveals gave The Block a win topping entertainment and the demos at 786,000 metro viewers.

That was well ahead of The Voice on 653,000 then ABC’s Death in Paradise repeat (339,000) while 10’s decision not to compete blew it out of contention.

Later 60 Minutes was 515,000 then The Newsreader (318,000) and Con Girl (309,000 / 201,000).

Nine network won Sunday with 33.9% then Seven 32.2%, ABC 14.2%, 10 11.9% and SBS 7.8%.

Nine News was 831,000 with a late edition at 304,000. Under Investigation replayed to 162,000.

Seven News was #1 at 891,000.

ABC News drew 529,000. A Mother & Son repeat (86,000) and Compass (43,000) followed.

The Sunday Project proved to be 10’s best on a dismal Sunday at just 220,000 / 170,000. Next were 10 News First (206,000 / 147,000), Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly Australia -just 156,000 at 7:30pm- FBI (124,000) and NCIS: Hawaii (104,000).

On SBS it was SBS World News (132,000 / 109,000), The Body on Somerton Beach (131,000), Incas: The New Story (107,000) and Egypt: Exploring The Largest Museum (50,000).

On multichannels newcomer Gardening Australia Junior had a win at 109,000.

In Total TV numbers last Monday were:

The Newsreader: 768,000
The Block: 1.54m
The Traitors End Game: 571,000
The Voice: 1.31m
60 Minutes: 395,000
Insiders: 489,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 17 September 2023

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  1. The Dog’s Behaving Badly was a repeat from a couple of weeks ago. 10 did screen a new episode of FBI after The Block and The Voice, which is the only drama they have left, having finish or moved the rest to Paramount+. But their CBS procedurals don’t rate well, especially without any sort of lead in. And they aren’t going to have new eps of any other dramas for some time. They also dumped So Help Me Todd which isn’t being watched at short notice for the MTV Music awards are showing stand and NCIS repeats as fill-ins often. 10 are clearly in damage control mode.

    1. Yes, the FBI episode was Season 5, Episode 13 (‘Protege’) and was its first free to air screening here.

      It is notable that Ten decide to run dead on a Sunday night which is generally a high rating night for everyone where they should be able to get enough viewers for their content to justify running it.

      Similarly On Saturday night (16/09/2023) they showed no new content at all after 6.30pm.

      For this week Monday’s new content aside from news and current affairs is Masked Singer and Have You Been Paying Attention, Tuesday Shark Tank and Cheap Seats, Wednesday Thank God You’re Here, Inspired Jokers and Five Bedrooms, Thursday Gogglebox and I think a comedy special which may not be a repeat (not clear from the guide), Friday no new content at all and Saturday the same as 16/09.

      One to two hours of new entertainment content per night for four nights a weeks does not a viable schedule make in my view.

  2. Not a fantastic result for Nine, on a night that is really the only one performing for them at the moment, when you consider Seven also got nearly 25% and 32% shares within striking distance (previously they’d be languishing back around 19% and 26% even on an alright night). Add to that last week’s Monday-Saturday problems now and year-to-date also significantly behind, they’ll be hoping the Cricket World Cup can try and rescue something. Both networks must be happy 10 appear to have run out of steam.

  3. Masked Singer is also scheduled to run on only Mondays for the next two weeks (or for the rest of the season) while The Amazing Race is scheduled to be on Wednesdays-Thursdays in October. Is 10 throwing in the towel on Sundays?

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