Why does Alone love the cold so much?

Cold climates allow Alone participants to show what they are capable of -and is more visible on camera than hot conditions.

With the second season of Alone Australia in New Zealand, it’s clear this show loves cold climates a whole lot more than warm.

Executive Producer Riima Daher told TV Tonight there were indeed reasons why the cold suits production.

“I think you wouldn’t be able to see people flex their skill set in comfortable conditions and then you want to those conditions get tougher and tougher, to really test them so that nature’s upping the ante as they go. But you want to give them a fair fighting chance to show you what they’re capable of, and get settled in before nature starts to challenge them. Typically speaking winter sells that best,” she said.

“The colder the environment is, the more visible that change is in terms of the landscape. You can actually see the season changing rather than rely on participants to tell you. It’s just wonderful for nature to squeeze and make it tougher and tougher, so that only the toughest survive towards the end.”

But couldn’t Alone Australia also be filmed in the outback, and wouldn’t that be expected from international audiences? Daher is hoping the series has multiple seasons.

“I dream of being able to be the first territory that potentially does a red dirt series. That would be amazing,” said Daher.

And to those who have asked if the show should be called Alone: New Zealand, not so fast…

“It’s no different to Alone USA going to Alaska or to Canada, Patagonia or Mongolia. Alone Australia is describing the participants really. They’re 10 Australians and you just never know where the ‘plane is going to crash’. It can crash anywhere but can Australians survive in that environment? So I hope that we get to go all over the world.”

Episode 2 is now SBS’s highest rating program for 2024 to date, drawing a Total TV National Average Audience of 613,000 and a BVOD National Average Audience of 199,000. It has also gone straight into the OzTAM VPM rankings for most watched TV shows on BVOD.

Episode 3 drew a Total TV National Average Audience of 314,000 and a BVOD National Average Audience of 44,000.

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  1. The cold raises the calorie and protein needs of the contestants, while reducing the supply of of food. So it increases the suffering, starvation and malnutrion of the contestants causing a risk of serious health problems. At the same time it increases the work to have fire and keep warm, while reducing the supply of dry fuel. Simply put they are sadists toying with masochists hiding behind release contract that absolve them of responsibility. Every single series of Alone has done this, so it clear the show wouldn’t “work” without this.

    1. It is adverted as a survival competition- the contestants know to a reasonable high extent what they are getting into.

      While, I can understand your comment, because of how extreme the completion is. Your comment is no different to complaining about people being punched in the face while boxing.

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