Taken Out taken out of 7pm slot

After just two weeks, TEN blinks and moves Taken Out to 6pm, replaced by Friends at 7:00.

Channel TEN has moved on its under-performing new dating show, Taken Out.

It will move from 7pm to 6pm immediately, with Friends moving back to the 7:00 slot.

Taken Out has been on air for two weeks now, with disappointing figures. It premiered to 851,000 but dropped to 581,000 on Friday.

The show hosted by James Kerley pits 30 contestants for a date with one single, so far only girls have comprised the group. 30 guys will get their turn for a date with a single female next week.

Of most concern for TEN is that the show has lost viewers who have been watching Neighbours, which had a knock-on effect for other shows, including the debut of Bondi Rescue: Bali. Reviews for the show have been almost universally negative.

Moving the show to 6pm will take the heat off the show somewhat where it will hope to find a renewed following.

Meanwhile, TEN also has 130 episodes of Out of the Blue up its sleeve…

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  1. Gasp horror….they have gone back to 6pm Simpsons repeats as of last week. I guess I now have to do my gym workouts an hour earlier on my days off and find me a late night library that opens till 8pm.

    Truly Disappointed to say the least.

  2. I am usually at the Gym or Working at 6pm on weeknights and very rarely get to watch Taken Out but on the rare occassions I get to watch it I think it’s wonderful.

    It was nice to be able to not have to change channels after Neighbours Ended for those 2.5 men

  3. I’m annoyed! I loved coming home to watch the trashy TV! It’s a good escape from work where I do my serious stuff. I finish too late to make it home at 6 for this show, and I am over Friends and Simpsons…. The whole point of this show was to not be taken seriously and just have a bit of a laugh. It was also a lot of fun for my critical eye…. Some of the guys and girls on the show were terrible, so terrible it was great! Don’t get rid of Taken Out!!!!

  4. I’m always welcome to new stuff if it’s good but why don’t some of these networks try repeating classic shows too? Since DVD’s have come out, I’ve discovered countless shows I had never heard of and enjoyed them to the fullest. These networks should show some classic shows that aren’t on DVD yet. Chances are, the current generation wouldn’t have seen any of these anyway. I mean really, who are ten kidding here? They think they’re “hip” with the things and they and the way they advertise but they’re just fooling themselves.

  5. Hmm, my problem with this show is if the series was reversed and there were thirty men and one woman, it would be considered sexist. Yet we have thirty females pitted against one man and it’s okay.

    It’s such a superficial show, I did try and watch today but it was a ridiculous concept and I feel sorry for the guys even if they did sign up for this rubbish. It’s craptacular television at its absolute corniest, even if it is no brainer television programming couldn’t they at least make it entertaining?

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