Gay ‘Toadie’? What the?

Of all the people in Erinsborough to start playin' for the other team...

He’s certainly one of the soap’s better actors, but Ryan Moloney has been on Neighbours so long they’re really tossing him some weird storylines.

Tonight he’s mistaken for being gay.


What are they smokin’ down Erinsborough way?

Suitably, Rebecca (Jane Hall) roars with laughter when she hears the mistake, made by a new gal on the block. She even tries to hook him up with one of her mates.

It wasn’t so long ago Harold and his pal Gino were mistaken for ‘more than friends’, after they would shack up together and watch musicals on DVD. And of course, Lou and Harold have always been inseparable bum chums.

But Toadie? Hand me another PG rated orange juice.

You can check it out at 6:30pm tonight on TEN.

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