Gay ‘Toadie’? What the?

He’s certainly one of the soap’s better actors, but Ryan Moloney has been on Neighbours so long they’re really tossing him some weird storylines.

Tonight he’s mistaken for being gay.


What are they smokin’ down Erinsborough way?

Suitably, Rebecca (Jane Hall) roars with laughter when she hears the mistake, made by a new gal on the block. She even tries to hook him up with one of her mates.

It wasn’t so long ago Harold and his pal Gino were mistaken for ‘more than friends’, after they would shack up together and watch musicals on DVD. And of course, Lou and Harold have always been inseparable bum chums.

But Toadie? Hand me another PG rated orange juice.

You can check it out at 6:30pm tonight on TEN.


  1. I’d like to add to the above comment – Toadie does look like a sexy bear cub. He even has a goatee! Who has them outside the bear community any more?

    I remember years ago the gay landscaper character – that was back in the day when no-one could work out why any gay man would live in the desolate wasteland of Erinsborough. Now the boys are buying up in Laverton it doesn’t seem so unlikely.

  2. I love the storyline, its a good laugh. dont forget its only a soap, funny how those who hate the show seem to know all the goings on in Ramsay St, go on admit you love it… Cant wait to see Tottie arrive…

  3. knoxoverstreet

    Christine i agree about steph and rebecca these two are probably the worst in the show. But it’s not confined to women karl is always meddling in libbys business. I know he’s her father but geez he irks me sometimes. What right did he have to tell lucas he should be happy about dan/libby..mind your own business !

  4. I saw Toadie’s reaction the other night, he looked horrifed lol.
    I agree with the other posters when saying that there should be a regular “gay” character and not the stereotypical flamboyant type like Gino from past years. I’m thinking someone in their mid – late twenties, or maybe even older.

  5. This has been one of the funniest storylines ever. I thought it was well done. Shame they aren’t making Toadie gay after all.

    For a while I thought they were gonna make Ringo gay until Donna came along. This is purely based on him responding to having a crush on Carmella being “as far from the truth as you can get” ….

    I think Ol’ Gino the hairdresser is the only decent gay character they’ve ever had on Neighbours.

  6. That Rebecca and Steff need to mind their own damn business. I’m sick of every woman on this show being so nosy. Look at that self righteous body language!!

  7. Vixen… anyone who has watched his character for the last umpteen years knows he is clearly straight… the reference wasn’t about it being far fetched for him to be mistaken as gay,… it’s about the writers deciding to go there in the first place. Nothing to do with an actor’s appearance, so much as ideas for the character….. Still, the show has always aimed for a mix of drama / comedy, and Ryan Moloney is actually one who can handle drama better than some.

    Bobby, definitely no Neighbours hater here. The show and I go way back…

  8. I’m sorry David, I’m unaware of why you would think someone like Toadie could not be gay?
    You seem to think that it would be a far fetch to have him mistaken for being gay? Why? Because of his appearance?

    Can you explain to us, the unwashed masses, why you personally find it so unbelievable that he could be mistaken for gay?

  9. Jack & Anon….I thought Bridget Neval was attractive in Neighbours and a plot well handled and that was 2004. There was also a role more recently of a mother coming out and I vaguely recall a gay teacher and a gay landscaper many moons ago….

  10. That’s right. Kelly Katsis who is Callum’s teacher (played by the brilliant Katerina Milosevic from Stingers), got the wrong end of the stick when she assumed his housemate Dan was his boyfriend and nobody has set her straight yet (pardon the pun). Quite interesting development sees Kelly setting Toadie up with her friend Shane Dooley, a gay plumber played by ex-Big Brother contestant and host of The Mint, Brodie Young.

  11. …mistaken. Oh that old non commital storyline. Too bad our soaps are vary in todays world of actually having gay characters, not just lame “mistaken” storylines.

    Really….In Summer Bay and Erinsborough, with all those teenagers and fashion and music – still not one gay character

  12. knoxoverstreet

    No way toadie is one of the best characters. And yeah it’s been going for awhile now and as bindi said it was a natural mistake not corrected by steph. Great photo btw!

  13. that teacher lady has thought toadie was gay and him and dan were raising callum together for weeks now, not just tonight. did they send you a preview for this one episode or something david?

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