Seven eyes Triple Zero Heroes

A new series build around emergency calls looks due next year.

Break out the kleenex.

TV Tonight understands Seven is set to give the thumbs up to a new series, Triple Zero Heroes.

The series utilises original 000 emergency calls along with reconstructions and interviews, and is an original programme from FremantleMedia Australia.

Sources say it promises to be a real tear-jerker.

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  1. Why are some of these 000 operators so downright rude? Most are great, but there have been a couple in particular that should not be in that role. Its like they treat the caller with utter disrespect. Put them on the other end of the phone in a emergent situation and see how they like being spoken to in that manner, it certainly would not help an already stressed person.

  2. I am just so sad that channel 7 has axed this great show.

    I can understand though as the stories were quite similar each week. They should have changed the concept to include more police hero stories.

    I hope it comes back though in the future

  3. To nana P. What a brave little person you are to write that about your mum. I am so sorry you lost your mum that day and I am so happy you still love the emergency people who tried to save her. Thankyou for sharing your story and I wish you happiness in the future.

    Becx -Thankyou for sharing that. Thank goodness you are all o.k and what a great story to share at little Ethan’s 21st

    Bernard – I want to know the same thing?? When is the show coming back on??
    Please channel 7 – this is one show that is not only entertaining but so important in teaching what to do in an emergency.

  4. I loved triple zero heroes. It gave me goosebumps when I was watching it. The callteker also did a really great job.

    I will tell you my story:
    I was only six months but at midnight, my mother collapsed, she had an heart-attack. She was only 31 when that happened. She was really healthy but stressed with all the tough thins around her. She went into an ambulance and went to the doctor but unfortunately it was too late. She passed away.

    I stil love the emergency team and I will still encourage you to save as many people’s lives as much as you can.
    nana p 11years old

  5. what ever happen to the show.
    when its coming back.
    this show really teaches everyone how to deal wit situations and problems in life.
    and it really shows that 000 are really heroes.

    hope the show will come back soons

  6. Re – Lara 15th March then Alli 19th March –

    There were parts of the call omitted for the purpose of the program. The call actually only went for 9 mintues.
    Ethan was breathing moments after he came out. Im his mum and this was our call.

    Although the show is put together to be of service to the community and the wonderful people who take calls like this everyday, our call did not require being told how to perform CPR. Something I would have done if required.

    The ambulance people arrived as Ethan was put on my chest and oxygen was provided straight away.

    By the way, babies usually come out blue, or a purplely colour. They have yet to take a breathe in the outside world and it takes a while for their colour to perk up.
    As we had never delivered a baby before it was all news to us. We will know better next time!!!

  7. I work for ESTA (Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority) and we are the authority responsible the Triple Zero (000) calls here in Victoria. The calltakers you see in the Victorian stories on TZH are our staff and they do an amazing job.

    Being a calltaker and/or dispatcher can be a thankless job and all your positive comments are very much appreciated and will be passed on.

  8. OMG I am so sorry for the loss of your darling husband.
    Your story brought goosebumps and then tears when you informed of your husband not making it that night, he was so young.
    The paramedics do a wonderful job and for anyone wanting to thank them can go onto the ambulance website and click on the link to thank a paramedic. The paramedics involved do get these letters and their bosses also get a copy to know what a wonderful job their staff are doing. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the paramedics names, as they can be tracked with a date and address of the incident.
    I am once again so sorry for your loss and can’t imagine what you went through that evening. I will give my husband an extra kiss tonight. Thankyou for sharing your story. XXX

    Is Triple Zero Heroes still on?? Has it been taken off air??

  9. Thank you to seven for airing triple zero heroes, if not for this show i wouldn’t have recalled some of the events from the worst night of my life and be prompted to write this, so here goes. Three years ago, a normal night or so I thought, my husband had been home from work for about half an hour before I arrived home we smiled did our usual hello as we were chatting he told me he didn’t feel very well, I didn’t think much more about it as he carried on with his usual routine (cooking tea, tidying up etc) a good man I know, by the time I had sat down to relax he was asleep on the lounge, as he normally did working roughly 12hours a day. I got up to check the tea and when I came back I thought why is he snoring like that so I called his name, no response, I went over to have a look at him and when I rolled him over, the panic in his eyes, I knew he couldn’t breath but instead of jumping into action I lost control and didn’t know what to do apart from yell to my son, it was my son who snapped me back to reality and it didn’t take me long then to realise he was having a heart attack. This all occurred in a matter of minutes!

    Thank goodness for triple zero as I had no idea what to do ‘because it was my husband’ , they relayed CPR instructions via my son, keeping him alive while trying to keep me calm enough to administer the CPR until the ambulances arrived, the ambos responded so quickly, even though it felt like a lifetime.

    Unfortunately my husband died that night but it wasn’t from lack of effort by the triple zero responder or the ambos (I think there were 6) they worked tirelessly for literally hours, they didn’t want to let him go because he was only 47. I had been thinking for some time about the emergency responders to my home that night and how supportive and hard they had tried to save him, I am extremely greatful to the Triple Zero Heroes show as it made me realise that I had never thanked the ambulance officers, the two young police officers and the triple zero responder, it is now I would like to sincerely thank all of them for trying so hard to save my husband.

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