Airdate: Thursday Night Live

A new two hour sports show hosted by Bill Woods will air every Thursday night on ONE.

bilwoodsBill Woods will host a new live to air sports programme on ONE every Thursday night.

Titled simply Thursday Night Live, the show will delve into the week’s big issues and look at the week across the globe.

Airing two hours before Nine’s Footy Show editions, it will cover everything from AFL, NRL, cricket, swimming and netball to “the wacky wife carrying and underwater rugby.”

It begins Thursday April 2nd.

A half hour 7pm edition of Sports Tonight will also air each weeknight hosted by Brad McEwen from Monday March 30th.

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  1. Dear Bill,
    we really enjoy Thursday Night Live and were pleased you gave some rare Recognition to our Top Speedway Rider Jason Crump. Only last Saturday Night he blitzed the opposition at Millenium Stadium in Cardiff in front of almost 50’000 fans.

    Crumpy is now well on his way to becoming Australia’s First Triple World Champion as the Series has a break at the half way mark to make way for The World Team Cup of Motorcycle Speedway, an event that may see Jason Captain the Australian Team.

    There is always plenty of other information on the SGP Website or indeed the Jason Crump Racing Site.

    Thanks and keep up the Good Show.

  2. This show promised so much and delivers so little.
    A couple of observations…

    The reason the diver can’t get sponsorship? He’s gay!

    The bagging Terry Wallace has been getting ? You showed a lot of papers that’s because its not the supports that are writing the headlines, its the journalists!

    Either get some hosts with common sense or at least someone who can tell it like it is.

    What a dissapointment

  3. Looking forward to this show.

    Unlike WWOS, Ten has built a real pedigree of sports reporting over the last decade or so with Sports Tonight, so this should be a good show.

    Hopefully with Woods doing this show maybe they will bring back Ron Wilson to the 5pm news!

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