Returning: Packed to the Rafters. Bumped: All Saints

rafter-cast1UPDATED: Now July 7th for Melbourne.

Australia’s favourite family is returning to screen at the end of the month.

As tipped here, Packed to the Rafters returns to its 8:30pm timeslot from Tuesday June 30th. It conveniently arrives after NCIS has its season finale before moving into repeats.

All Saints moves back to 9:30pm.

In the first returning episode: “When a psychic makes some troubling forecasts about the future, Julie becomes increasingly concerned as one by one the predictions come true.”

The episode will guest star former GP regular and writer, Denise Roberts.


  1. Yay, can’t wait. I am glued to the screen everytime I see the promo or hear the catchy tune. Great job at the Logies too for the show!

  2. Bring back the Rafter family. Do we know if nine months are going to magically pass between the end of the first season and the beginning of this one, or will
    Rebecca Gibney’s pregnancy be a major storyline?

  3. I can’t wait as well! Has anyone seen the promo where Rachel is at her high school reunion & lies to former classmates that she’s dating a rich guy named Giles. Carbo then has play her rich bf!.

  4. I still haven’t seen an episode of this show, it’d probably be too hard to start now due to all the characters being far along with their storylines.

  5. yay, can’t wait. i think this is the first show i was actally missing from the airways. usually i’m like meh, this show is returning, i’ll watch it

    has anyone seen the porridge ad? looks like a great season.

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