Gone: Crusoe

Nine changes its mind on premiering family adventure, Crusoe. And fails to name a replacement programme.

crusoe20Another programming amendment from Nine indicates it has changed plans to premiere Crusoe next Saturday.

The US family adventure was originally due to screen in double eps.

At the risk of highlighting Nine’s erratic programming / indecision / secrecy or commercial in confidence manouvering, there is currently no replacement for the show yet.

That also means print schedules are effectively out the window… still most networks don’t let that get in the way of aggressive programming.

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  1. To say I am heartily sick of Channel 9 and other commercial station’s contempt for the public, with their timings and last minute changes, is to put it mildly. However on this occasion, I’m gonna give them the benefit of the doubt, and temporarily presume that the death of Michael Jackson and all the specials that involved, is responsible for the non-airing of Crusoe at this time. That coupled with the release of the latest Harry Potter movie and the desire to air all prequels to coincide in a timely fashion, may have also contributed too. Hopefully I will be proved right and Crusoe will be back on within weeks? If not, then it’s just another nail in the coffin for commercial TV channels. Why do I and many others never get upset with the ABC? Why do I and many others always enjoy stuff on the ABC? Commercial TV stations – Take a good hard look at yourselves.

  2. Nine really need to just go away!
    They keep doing thess stupid changes and making excuses for their blatant incompetence which is evident to the whole country apart from themselves … if I was was in charge of that Network all heads in programming would have rolled months ago …
    Get some new blood in the place who actually have some idea of what makes a successful show!
    Merlin has proven the value and success of these kind of shows in the right time slot without constant change!
    Wake up Nine… you are the biggest loosers in this!

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