Gone: Crusoe

Nine changes its mind on premiering family adventure, Crusoe. And fails to name a replacement programme.

crusoe20Another programming amendment from Nine indicates it has changed plans to premiere Crusoe next Saturday.

The US family adventure was originally due to screen in double eps.

At the risk of highlighting Nine’s erratic programming / indecision / secrecy or commercial in confidence manouvering, there is currently no replacement for the show yet.

That also means print schedules are effectively out the window… still most networks don’t let that get in the way of aggressive programming.

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  1. What?? I even saw a promo for this show saying coming to 7.30 Saturdays (IIRC) and I thought – cool they have a use for this show and something else to air on Sat night, I thought it was a no brainer but clearly the programmers at Nine are thinking on a whole other level – More Harry Potter reruns perhaps?

  2. Ah, the hotly-contested battle for Saturday night ratings supremacy. Sheesh. Gyngell can’t be happy unless he’s comparing size with his rivals 24/7 these days. Next they’ll be chopping and changing 2am infomercials in an attempt to “win”.

  3. They really do panic about putting on something new. Sometimes odd shows do turn out hits, you only have to look at Master chef & Merlin. It would not have killed them to at least give it a go on Satursday nights. Also they’ve had that coming soon promo for weeks. I hate when they they do that. I still remember the 2006 coming soon promo for Invasion, which they never aired on their SD chanel.

  4. Give us Survivor Gabon. I could only find the first 4 episodes of that series. I’ve found the whole Survivor Tocantins. But, I want to finish Gabon first. Get your sh*t together channel 9.

  5. The tally of pulled shows officially scheduled but pulled before the first airing continues. No wonder Channel 9 are the joke network of Australia. They never commit to anything. Its time to get rid of Gyngell

  6. Nine is an absolute disgrace! Pull your head in programmers at Nine if you want people to watch your programs ever! If it weren’t for Sea Patrol and 60 Minutes you wouldn’t be blessed with my viewing of your crap network! Seven isn’t much better either I guess with programs like World’s Strictest Parents – Go Ten! Enough said from me…

  7. I would have actually put Dance your Ass Off at Saturday 7:30. It has a good lead in from the Video Show, and people are after light entertainment on Saturday nights, not dramas, etc.

  8. Now, this confirms it, that the programmers at nine are in fact, a bunch of monkeys!! 😉

    They don’t know what they are doing and like someone turning a light on and off, on and off etc etc, they do this with their programming, mostly to pi** off there viewers. 😀

  9. I guess with satellite technology as advanced as it is now, 9’s weather department don’t need that dart board anymore, so the programming guys are giving it a good work out.

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