Nine confirms GO!99

go99The Nine Network has confirmed GO! as the name of its new entertainment channel, a name first revealed by TV Tonight in April.

Set to launch on August 9th, the channel will offer themed nights including reality on Tuesdays, science fiction on Wednesdays, and female-skewed content on Thursdays.

Titles will include Fringe, Survivor: Gabon, Weeds, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Gossip Girl, The Hills, Moonlight, The Big Bang Theory, CSI: NY, Neighbours at War, Bad Lads Army, The Bachelor: Officer & A Gentleman, Dog The Bounty Hunter, The Wire, ET, CSI, Just Shoot Me, Little Britain, Aliens in America, CSI: Miami, Eleventh Hour, Privileged, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Seinfeld, Hell’s Kitchen and Wipeout Australia.

Some titles including The Vampire Diaries will start on GO! instead of the traditional Nine channel.

CEO David Gyngell talked about the the offering of the channel versus pay television.

“If you’ve been paying a thousand dollars a year subscription we might be able to give you a reason to save a thousand bucks.”

The youth-driven channel is targeted 14-39 year olds and available to viewers with digital television or a set top box.

CEO of PBL Media, Mr Ian Law said: “the launch of GO! is an important step in the evolution of free television in Australia. It means a significant increase in the choice available to viewers and advertisers on free to air television. We think the proposed schedule for GO! is exciting and as a Network we are focussing very much on having two channels with distinctly different content.

“We are already in the market talking with advertisers about our offering of Nine and GO! and it is a very exciting time for Australian television and the PBL Media Group.”

GO! will also be available on WIN. TV Tonight hints that there it could be GO! 88.

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  1. I suspect that Nine only announced Go to take all the attention off its axing of This Afternoon. Perhaps they can put Andrew Daddo and Katrina Blowers on their new channel?

  2. yeah hopefully that will be the set up josh, it makes the most sense, if only tracey had said WIN instead of WINHD this confusion would not have happened, lets all hope david is right and she just made a mistake. the set up i was talking about was based on what she said and how SC is set up, after i posted i saw david’s one saying it was probably just a slip of tongue.

    tracey implied that the start up date would be the same because she didn’t say it wouldn’t be a simultaneous launch, but after what happened with southern cross and ONE i think everyone wants it actually spelled out specifically, no one is prepared to just take in on faith this time around. atleast they actually mentioned the regional affliate, 10 never spoke of the distinction at all when 10HD started, people just discovered they couldn’t get it after absolutely no indication that this would be the case.

  3. Thanks for trying to clear up the whole SD/HD thing for WIN viewers but it doesn’t make sense to me why we wouldn’t get the 2nd SD on WIN HD, so like ONE HD for SC again we get a new channel se can’t record without buying a 2nd Digital HD box or a much more expensive HD DVD recorder. There are lots of show we just won’t be able to watch as they clash with other channels.

    This all come back to the issue the most of the show are aimed at the exact audiance that would have downloaded them already.

  4. Fantastic, we Regional viewers will get it as well! The programing looks good too, can’t wait.

    Any word on whether GO will broadcast in Regional Area’s/WIN right from the start, or will that be delayed?

  5. “The youth-driven channel is targeted 14-39 year olds and available to viewers with digital television or a set top box.”

    So they are showing repeats to the audience that downloaded the shows (without ads) soon after they first screened in the US. On the ball as usual Nine! 😉

  6. Will this channel be available on foxtel IQ boxes? 9 has removed their 9HD channel from foxtel. So I guess it’s unlikely they will have Go99 then.

    Can anyone confirm this??

  7. the way i understand it for metro areas that receive 9 directly they will have
    9- regular channel 9 as it exists now- SD
    90- 9HD, may or may not stay as it is now- HD
    99- GO! new channel – SD

    and for regional areas they will have
    WIN- regular channel 9 programming as it is now -SD
    WINHD- GO! new channel- probably in HD?
    and if they have another SD channel it looks like it’ll be a simulcast of the main WIN channel. but some clarification on this would be good.

  8. NBN and WIN stations can’t carry GO! on their HD signal, as all TV stations in Australia have HD content requirements. And unless Go! is going to send out a HD signal, Go! will be SD. NBN and WIN stations will have to carry the main Nine channel in HD.

    I suspect any separate Nine HD branding will dissappear, and we will be left with Nine in a SD and HD feed, and Go! in an SD feed.

  9. Neon Kitten

    Wow, such old television!

    Fringe, seen it. Survivor: Gabon, seen it. Weeds, seen it. Gossip Girl, seen it. The Big Bang Theory, seen it. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, seen it.

    Seen all of ’em ages ago *because* of Channel Nine. So have a vast majority nof fans of those shows.

  10. Will the CSI:NY be repeats, or are the new episodes shifting over there?

    And will they show Fringe uncut (they destroyed episodes with ridiculous editing)?

    Also, is this the SD channel?

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