Nine confirms GO!99

go99The Nine Network has confirmed GO! as the name of its new entertainment channel, a name first revealed by TV Tonight in April.

Set to launch on August 9th, the channel will offer themed nights including reality on Tuesdays, science fiction on Wednesdays, and female-skewed content on Thursdays.

Titles will include Fringe, Survivor: Gabon, Weeds, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Gossip Girl, The Hills, Moonlight, The Big Bang Theory, CSI: NY, Neighbours at War, Bad Lads Army, The Bachelor: Officer & A Gentleman, Dog The Bounty Hunter, The Wire, ET, CSI, Just Shoot Me, Little Britain, Aliens in America, CSI: Miami, Eleventh Hour, Privileged, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Seinfeld, Hell’s Kitchen and Wipeout Australia.

Some titles including The Vampire Diaries will start on GO! instead of the traditional Nine channel.

CEO David Gyngell talked about the the offering of the channel versus pay television.

“If you’ve been paying a thousand dollars a year subscription we might be able to give you a reason to save a thousand bucks.”

The youth-driven channel is targeted 14-39 year olds and available to viewers with digital television or a set top box.

CEO of PBL Media, Mr Ian Law said: “the launch of GO! is an important step in the evolution of free television in Australia. It means a significant increase in the choice available to viewers and advertisers on free to air television. We think the proposed schedule for GO! is exciting and as a Network we are focussing very much on having two channels with distinctly different content.

“We are already in the market talking with advertisers about our offering of Nine and GO! and it is a very exciting time for Australian television and the PBL Media Group.”

GO! will also be available on WIN. TV Tonight hints that there it could be GO! 88.

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  1. @ Beau – i called the Hobat office and the guy read me the email he had received about it. I asked him to confirm channel 80 or 88, he said 88. So seems to contradict other info. Like david said in the other post, spokesman are as often in the dark as we are.

  2. littlebitofwhatever

    Neon Kitten says:
    July 16, 2009 at 1:02 am

    Wow, such old television!

    Fringe, seen it. Survivor: Gabon, seen it. Weeds, seen it. Gossip Girl, seen it. The Big Bang Theory, seen it. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, seen it.

    Seen all of ‘em ages ago *because* of Channel Nine. So have a vast majority nof fans of those shows.

    You must be somekind of superhero, Neon! You must think you are something special because you have downloaded these tv shows from the US and then, come on here and brag and boast about it!!
    FFS, get a life of something, you have nothing better than to on one hand attack Foxtel, and then on the other hand, boast about exactly how many tv shows you download from the US and UK, and try to make you sound like you are somekind of Hero or something….. sheesh….

  3. Luke, the new season of The Wire is expected to air on GO! in the next couple of months. The Wire will be shown from season 1 from next month on ABC2.

  4. Perrin, if that is true (and I haven’t seen any mention of it, other than that Sky News might be broadcast) then it certainly won’t be on the HD channel

  5. looking forward to this channel alot, hope they give Nip/tuck and The wire decent timeslots, also are Freeview that stupit Go isn’t even listed as one of the freeview channels on the freeview website, all it says it coming soon

  6. The commercials are allowed 3 channels each, 2 sd & 1 hd channels, so when are they going to start truly multichanneling

    When will seven announce a start date for their second sd channel?

    And when will all the networks start using their hd channels properly?

  7. Hope they hire some decent graphic designers, because this whole “GO!” feels very 90s.

    @Jackson, yes! Love to see some Conan on FTA!

  8. Can someone please tell me which channel “The Wire” will be airing on.

    A couple of weeks ago we were told ABC2 was getting it, but now GO! has it.
    What is going on?

  9. Finally a channel from 9 I will actually watch.

    By the end of the year Freeview looks like it could actually give paytv a run for its money if you own a DVR or Tivo of course. Fox8 clone from 9, sport from Ten, ABC2 for the cultish/quality type stuff and something for the kids on ABC3.

    If seven moved in on a lifestyle/documentary channel that would be great and round out the best of whats on paytv.

    Still no word if GO! will be a 24 hour channel though – my suggestion to Nine to be really youth orientated would be to have music videos overnight rather than dead air or repeats. Then repeat the stuff from the night before during the day.

  10. The old bad news good news story hey……
    Will this channel be 24 hours or part time?
    Are there going to be delays?
    Is there a daytime line up?
    is there a late night line up?

  11. Damn it. Survivor had better be shown at a decent time, because we only have one digital TV and I can’t record anything on it. If it still gets a crap timeslot I’m screwed.

  12. Where’s the local content? In the list announced so far there is only one programme from Aus. (Wipeout Australia) and one from NZ (Neighbours at War), beyond that there are a couple of UK shows and all the rest is from the US. We already have enough American rubbish on our screens. I’m not saying that all American programming is bad, but even already 7, 9, and 10 are showing some stuff of woeful quality and really I can’t expect that the stuff on GO! will be any better. A disappointing effort.

  13. I’d like to see their daytime lineup – surely they’d do a fair bit of KidsWB and ARIA music countdowns and things like that, but maybe they could even do a 5-10min “Nine News Now” or something similar that gives small bursts of news relevant to younger people. Similar to Hack on Triple J. Skew the news/interviews towards things young adults are concerned about.

    But being Nine, this won’t happen. They have no idea what young adults discuss!

  14. Great to see the date did end up being in August. Hoping that programming on GO is much more stable than the main channel and the shows are able to be run from start to end. Also hope they start shows on time.

    The launch of GO is 9’s chance to start making a comeback for 2009 and an opportunity to re-luanch themselves overall.

    I’m guessing there will be no more 9HD break aways?

  15. @glenn petrie – i don’t think the list is complete, nip/tuck may still be on GO. i think new amsterdam will be on it but it’s not on the list. @leon – you’re not the only one to notice most of these shows were axed by 9 or the new seasons simply not brought back, but that does not mean they are not worth airing. 10HD mostly consisted of such shows, mostly axed stuff and a few new ones. much of the reason these shows failed to fire on 9 was that viewers new what treatment to expect, but if you put a show on a channel where the ratings pressure is off and the shows are treated well viewers will start to trust again.

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