Shelley Craft on Nine & Seven

shelShelley Craft is about to appear on two networks at once, with Seven set to screen new footage of The Great Outdoors soon.

She will appear in scenes she filmed for the show when she was with Seven, beginning with a story set in Canada.

If Seven decides to air them at its old timeslot of 6:30pm Saturdays, it will mean she goes head to head against herself, with Australia’s Funniest Home Videos airing on Nine.

Other stories include Ernie Dingo in Vanuatu, Jennifer Hawkins in New Zealand and Tom Williams in India.


  1. As Much as I would like to see a return to Monday Nights of the Great Outdoors The Question is where will they fit How I met your Mother?

  2. this show was never axed, all speculation. they have been filming stuff for the past few months. just look at the cast’s twitters.

    i rekon it will return to monday 7:30 where it used to top 2mil and there is nothing else really that could go there.

  3. Hummm… so Shelley has been at nine for almost 18 months now. Therefore, The Great Outdoors is going to run a story that is over 20 months old !!! Gee I will be tuning in to see what those crazy canucks did back in 2007.

  4. Shelley Vs Shelley would be good to see.

    It will also be interesting to see whether Saturday Disney do a retrospective of past presenters (including Craft) for their 1000th episode at the start of September. Quite a milestone.

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