Cast Offs: ‘Disabled’ Survivor?

coIt’s bound to be politically incorrect.

It’s put together by the people behind Skins, Shameless and The Thick of It.

But the new E4 show Cast Offs looks like a ripping satire of Survivor with disabled people. It includes ‘dwarfism, cherubism, thalidomide-affected, paraplegic, blind and deaf’ characters.

Officially it is described as “A darkly comic drama series telling the story of six disabled characters sent to a remote British island for a fictional reality TV show.”

Warning: clip may offend.
See the clip here.


  1. So we have had Dead Set (Zombie Big Brother) and now this Cast Off’s show, next thing you know the1958 Robert Sheckley Novel The Prize of Peril (made as a movie in 1983 by the French called Le Prix du Danger which is a lot like The Running Man written by Stephen King in 1982 and the Film in 1987), will be turned into a Reality TV Show (either that or Battle Royale will).

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