Rumour: Logies for Queensland (again)

logie09It was an idea first floated in January, but it could come true in 2010.

TV Tonight hears new whispers that the Logie Awards could be headed for Queensland after all.

Earlier this year Bligh Government representatives had informally offered to pay significant relocation costs to lure the country’s biggest awards night across its borderline. Other incentives were also believed to have been discussed at the time.

The Logies have been held in Melbourne’s Crown Casino for the past 11 years, but the last event hosted by Gretel Killeen was roundly criticised. A move to a new location could be the shot in the arm many say it needs, especially if PBL Media’s costs are offset by the Queensland Government.

Queensland in recent years has lost Big Brother, while The Strip ended after one season. Nine is also believed to be shooting Underbelly 4 in the Sunshine State, so the move would also have some synergy.

The Pacific Film and Television Corporation has also undergone a name change to Screen Queensland after the resignation of its CEO, a damning independent audit and industry discontent with the PFTC. Premier Anna Bligh announced the new name last week.

And while we’re on the subject, who’s going to start the Shaun Micallef for Logies Host Facebook campaign, please?


  1. hey David,

    sorry to post in here (wasn’t sure where else to do so), but according to this week’s TV Week which came out yesterday, it says that the Voting Forms for the 2010 Logies come out on Monday, February 1 (and will close on March 5). It’s on page 34. So in 6 days time, may you tell everyone about it? And who (and what shows) made the list or didn’t make it (etc).

    thanks heaps

  2. knowfirst- they have hosted the boring event before. i am glad they wont be able too host. all it will be is a flogfest of their own shows on the network. with mel and kochie hosting it

  3. Cue invitees and networks complaining they have to go to Queensland. At least when it’s in Melbourne they only have to pay for half of their stars to fly down and stay in hotels, now it will be pretty much all of them (I suppose there are the hosts of The Shak, providing they get invites). There was enough budget cutting this year as it was, if they have to spend twice the amount I think we can expect half the faces to attend.

  4. Last time this was suggested I was totally against it and I ranted about tradition and all sorts of other crap to support my opinion that it should be kept in Melbourne. However, after what was possibly the worst Logie telecast ever this year, I say take it Queensland. In fact don’t have it in Brisbane go even further north. The further away from Melbourne the better. Thanks Gretel Killeen for killing the Logies.

  5. Another great idea from the network who is killing the Logies and all but killed the Arias in one foul swoop.

    This network can not produce Award shows. They stink.

  6. I don’t see the relevance of hosting the awards in a city where barely any television is even produced! Sadly most of the television in this country now comes out of two cities.

  7. I think Anna probably changed PTFC’s name because unfortunately, there’s no local television no more.

    All the while, Deal’s ratings are headed for the toilet, dragging Seven (slowly) with it.

    The Logies have to be in Brisbane. The Gold Coast will just make it worse, after all the venue’s right next to a casino. Bring back Queensland Unlimited I say!

  8. Shaun was a great host, and it would be nice to see him return. Not sure if he would want to do it, though, or whether Ten would let him. I would love to see him hosting the show that awarded him the Gold Logie.
    Nevermind the campaign to get him to host The Logies, how about the campaign for him to win the Gold Logie. He is such a brilliant talent, that deserves to be recognized.

  9. Shaun Mic would be good but I would like to see them bring back Joan Rivers for a longer spot. For the short time she was on stage she was great. Her “who the f*** are you people” line quickly shut up the wannabe’s in the audience !

  10. Not a bad idea. The Logies do need a shot of life and in reality most of the people at the Logies are flown in from Sydney so hosting in Brisbane or Melbourne is no different.

    However, I never really thought that the location had much to do with the Logies anyway. Its not like Miss Universe where they get out and about and showcase the location. A ballroom with tacky decorations is a ballroom with tacky decorations in any city !!!

  11. I have started the group David:

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