“Copious nudity” in Underbelly2 says NY Times

The NY Times made some pointed remarks about "A Tale of Two Cities" which premieres in the US this week.

Underbelly has its US premiere this week on the DirecTV satellite channel.

As previously reported, it will actually begin with “A Tale of Two Cities,” the second in the gangster miniseries.

The New York Times describes the series as “a fact-based drama about the Australian drug trade that is in its third season on the Nine Network in Australia.

“That series, winner of both Logie (low-brow) and Australian Film Institute (high-brow) awards for best television drama, has told stories of dealers, police officers and politicians covering the late 1970s to about 2004,” it notes.

“The show has been compared to The Sopranos, but based on the first few episodes of “A Tale of Two Cities” it’s more like Traffic with copious nudity.”

So who came off worst: Underbelly or the “low brow” Logies?

Source: NY Times

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  1. Logies? Low brow? How very dare they. It’s not as if the morning after the awards one of the personalities went live on air drunk on his national breakfast show.

    ….Oh wait……

    In all seriousness though, spot on with the news paper. Hopefully the next series will be better than “Underbelly: a tale of two t1tties”

  2. How could Underbelly come of worst from that?

    I think the comparison to Traffic is apt considering that film is about the illegal drug trade. Traffic was also highly acclaimed winning many academy awards so that’s quite a compliment they paid Underbelly.

    But yeh the logies lol they are low brow although the industry awards are credible and the same pretty much as the AFI awards.

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