Election 2010: Guide

Where to watch tonight? Here’s a rundown of what’s in store. For more details on any channel, click on the link. All times are AEST and all networks will air live in all states.

ABC1 / ABC News 24
6:00pm Australia Votes 2010
From Canberra’s National Tally Room, Kerry O’Brien joined by Tony Jones, Leigh Sales and Antony Green. Guest panellists Liberal Senator Nick Minchin and Labor Minister for Foreign Affairs, Trade and Deputy Leader of the House, Stephen Smith join Kerry O’Brien on the main election panel desk. ABC News 24’s Political Editor Chris Uhlmann and Chief Political Correspondent Mark Simkin will also feature and there will be crosses to candidates in key marginal seats right around the country. There is also online, mobile, radio and Australia Network coverage.
11:30pm ends

4:30pm Election Coverage hosted by Jennifer Keyte.
5:00pm Your Call: 2010
Hosted by David Koch and Melissa Doyle joined by political editor Mark Riley and Graham Richardson. Chris Bath will have regular election news updates from the Tally Room. Political commentary from Peter Beattie, Alexander Downer, Tanya Plibersek, Scott Morrison, Malcolm Turnbull, Natasha Stott Despoja and Mal Brough.
Twitter www.twitter.com/vote7news and Facebook at www.facebook.com/vote7news
6:00pm Seven News
6:30pm. Your Call: 2010 resumes
12:00am ends

5:00pm Election 2010: Australia Decides
Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson host from the National Tally Room with Laurie Oakes. Tracy Grimshaw will be reporting from Melbourne with Julia Gillard, while Peter Overton will be with Tony Abbott in Sydney. Michael Usher will be bringing results from a specially created graphics studio, while Ben Fordham will be monitoring social media sites such as Twitter. Commentary from Peter Costello, Nicola Roxon, Mark Arbib, Michael Kroger, Christine Wallace and Barnaby Joyce.
6:00pm Nine News
6:30pm Election 2010: Australia Decides resumes
10:30pm Election 2010: Reaction
11:30pm ends

5:00pm Natarsha Belling hosts a TEN News with Paul Bongiorno and Hugh Riminton, plus Sandra Sully at Liberal headquarters with Tony Abbott, Helen Kapalos at Labor headquarters with Julia Gillard.
6:00pm National Election Special hosted by Bill Woods.
6:30pm 7PM Election Project. Charlie Pickering, Carrie Bickmore, Dave Hughes and George Negus. Live
crosses to Scott Dooley at the Liberal headquarters in Sydney, Tom Gleeson at the Labor headquarters in
Melbourne, Mitch Grady in Brisbane, Julian Schiller in Adelaide and Sam Mac in Perth plus live to Hugh Riminton in the Tally Room.
7:30pm AFL match with News updates.
10:30pm Election Wrap-up. Bill Woods and Paul Bongiorno including continued Hugh Riminton in the Tally Room, Sandra Sully at Liberal headquarters and Helen Kapalos at Labor headquarters.
11:30pm end

8:30pm World News Australia Election Special 2010
News anchor Anton Enus and Chief Political Correspondent Karen Middleton host a live panel program, joined by expert political commentators.
10:30pm ends

5:30am Election 2010 / News Day
3:00pm Election 2010 Live.
Sky News Political Editor David Speers is joined by reporters in the National Tally Room and around the nation including Kieran Gilbert, Ashleigh Gillon, David Lipson, Helen Dalley, Peter Van Onselen, Michael Willesee, Celina Edmonds, Leigh Hatcher, Bridie Barry plus SKY News local correspondents in all major states. Political experts include former Prime Minister Bob Hawke and former Liberal Leader John Hewson plus Eric Abetz, Penny Wong, Tony Burke, Fiona Nash, Bruce Hawker and Grahame Morris.
12:am ends

6:00pm Peter Van Onselen will anchor coverage from the National Tally Room in Canberra.
12am ends


  1. After watching bits from all of the coverage – Nine was clearly the most entertaining – not in a “good quality” way, but more like it was the absolute car crash, out and out scrag fights between politicians…

  2. Nine had too many people on their overblown panel. It was like watching a 1920’s movie at times with only a long shot of the whole panel when one person was talking. Plus their graphics cluttered the screen.

    Seven had too much graphics moving this way and that way and it was all rather confusing over what was happening.

    ABC was the best for clear concise graphics and excellent non-sensationalist commentators.

    The Election Project was entertaining and educating at the same time. If only Ten could have had them on all night.

    SBS – we switched over for a minute after reading a tweet from Andrew Hansen and well yes, they all did look a bit dead!

  3. skys coverage was the best . flicked over to have a look at all the others .
    what was with each and every channel giving diffrent tallys for each party??

  4. I looked at all of the coverage tonight and well Seven was the best to me. They were up to date and had the most comprehensive info. I cant believe whats going to happen next though. I feel we are in for a rough time economically. Hung parliaments are bad bad bad. Just ask people in countries who have them. Not good at all.

    Nine’s coverage was a joke. White boxes on the top and bottom of the screen were annoying and i flicked them very early on. Seven was on most of the time.

    Its funny how Manly won tonight and the Western Bulldogs were flogged by Sydney. Interesting times. I just pray that Labor makes govt and not the damn coalition.

  5. For the first time ever I only watched the 7 coverage and surprisingly I enjoyed it. I usually watch Nine but couldn’t bare the thought of a pompous Oakes or that tosser Kroger if the libs started to do well. The 7 coverage was informative but also relaxed and fun to watch with a good mix of commentators like Beatie,Natasha and Richo. Heck even Downer was tolerable!

  6. ABC is the best and most accurate. It isn’t dumbed down like the others!

    7 is a dumbed down version with Mel for the simpletons who watch sunrise. At 4:15pm WST they ask will Pyne retain his seat at and did a cross to SA, they were still voting there for another 15 mins. plus they are wrong in their count numbers, compared to ABC

    9 has ripped off and copied the UK with the chamber and shooting dead ducks is rather silly to watch. They obviously cant think of anything new by themselves!

    Go Libs you good thing, more annoyed with the Greens in the upper house with the prediction.

  7. I’ve been flitting around the channels tonight and have to say Channel 7 have the best coverage in terms of intelligent analysis and commentary, graphics (clearer and less cluttered than 9) and choice of panel members.

  8. Gaynor Santillan

    Mr Negas
    I take offence to your recent comment that the Australian pulic ‘don’t know what the hell is going on. ” Speak for yourself.

  9. Abc for me. I wish the chaser had a program. They should have gave them something on abc 2. As they were the only ones who aren’t biased ( well… the least bias) in their election coverage.

  10. I’ll probably spend most time on ABC news 24 but will flick around a bit, will tune in for 7pm election project though, also got the abc election iphone app so will probably use that for electorate info when I want to know it instead of waiting for the rolling ticker down the bottom of the screen. I considered the sunrise sms’s but the abc app is easier and totally free.

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