Logie voting opens

Voting has opened for the TV Week 2011 Logie Awards.

For the first time ever voting is now conducted entirely online and not via TV Week magazine.

This has enabled more names and shows to be added to the preliminary voting list.

Community Television shows are also included with several shows including Vasili’s Garden, 4WD TV, Yianni’s City Life and Masterclass in Oils all making the first cut.

But viewers are not given the option of an “Other” in categories, which has been missing for several years. This would allow them to include shows and personalities who are not listed.

The Gold Logie nominees will be drawn from the Actor, Actress and Presenter lists -meaning if a name is not currently included it is already out of the running for the Gold.

Voting will continue across 12  weeks. You must vote in every category.

Here is the list of potential nominees. If you know of any prominent names that have been omitted, let’s hear them!

Ada Nicodemou (Leah, Home And Away)
Alicia Banit (Kat, Dance Academy)
Amy Mathews (Rachel, Home And Away)
Asher Keddie (Nina, Offspring)
Ashleigh Brewer (Kate, Neighbours)
Belinda Bromilow (Jonquil, Spirited)
Camille Keenan (Audrey, Rush)
Carla Bonner (Steph, Neighbours)
Catherine McClements (Kerry, Rush / Christine, Tangle)
Cheree Cassidy (Debbie, Underbelly: The Golden Mile)
Cindy Waddingham (Sarah, Wilfred)
Claudia Karvan (Suzy, Spirited)
Danielle Horvat (Bird, Sea Patrol)
Deborah Mailman (Cherie, Offspring)
Dena Kaplan (Abigail, Dance Academy)
Denise Roberts (Dianne, COPS LAC)
Emily Symons (Marilyn, Home And Away)
Esther Anderson (Charlie, Home And Away )
Georgie Parker (Roo, Home And Away)
Gigi Edgley (Lara, Rescue Special Ops)
Hanna Mangan-Lawrence (Holly, Bed Of Roses)
Jackie Woodburne (Susan, Neighbours)
Jane Hall (Rebecca, Neighbours)
Jessica Marais (Rachel, Packed To The Rafters)
Jessica McNamee (Sammy, Packed To The Rafters)
Jessica Tovey (Wendy, Underbelly: The Golden Mile)
Jodi Gordon (Martha, Home And Away)
Jolene Anderson (Shannon, Rush)
Julia Blake (Minna, Bed Of Roses)
Justine Clarke (Ally, Tangle)
Kat Stewart (Billie, Offspring / Nat, Tangle)
Kate Ritchie (Sam, COPS LAC)
Katherine Hicks (Heidi, Rescue Special Ops)
Kerry Armstrong (Louisa, Bed Of Roses)
Kirsty Lee Allan (Bomber, Sea Patrol)
Kym Valentine (Libby, Neighbours)
Libby Tanner (Michelle, Rescue Special Ops)
Linda Cropper (Geraldine, Offspring)
Lisa McCune (Kate, Sea Patrol)
Lyn Collingwood (Colleen, Home And Away )
Lynne McGranger (Irene, Home And Away)
Margot Robbie (Donna, Neighbours)
Nadia Townsend (Allie, City Homicide)
Nadine Garner (Jennifer, City Homicide)
Nicole da Silva (Stella, Rush)
Noni Hazlehurst (Bernice, City Homicide )
Rebecca Breeds (Ruby, Home And Away)
Rebecca Gibney (Julie, Packed To The Rafters)
Ria Vandervis (Roxanne, COPS LAC)
Robyn Butler (Frances, The Librarians)
Roz Hammond (Christine, The Librarians)
Sigrid Thornton (Gerry, Underbelly: The Golden Mile)
Sonia Todd (Gina, Home And Away)
Tammy MacIntosh (Maxine, Sea Patrol)
Tessa James (Nicole, Home And Away)
Zoe Ventoura (Melissa, Packed To The Rafters)

Aaron Pedersen (Duncan, City Homicide)
Adam Zwar (Adam, Wilfred)
Alan Fletcher (Karl, Neighbours)
Andrew Lees (Chase, Rescue Special Ops)
Angus McLaren (Nathan, Packed To The Rafters)
Angus Sampson (Zac, Spirited)
Ashley Zukerman (Michael, Rush)
Axle Whitehead (Liam, Home And Away)
Callan Mulvey (Josh, Rush)
Christian Clark (Penn, Home And Away)
Conrad Coleby (Dutchy, Sea Patrol)
Damian de Montemas (Matilda, COPS LAC)
Damien Garvey (Chook, Underbelly: The Golden Mile)
Damien Richardson (Matt, City Homicide)
Daniel Amalm (Jordon, Rescue Special Ops )
Daniel MacPherson (Simon, City Homicide )
Daniel Roberts (Jim Egan, Underbelly: The Golden Mile)
David Field (Terry, City Homicide)
David Jones-Roberts (Xavier, Home And Away)
Diarmid Heidenreich (Eddie, Underbelly: The Golden Mile)
Dieter Brummer (Trevor, Underbelly: The Golden Mile)
Don Hany (Chris, Offspring / Spiros, Tangle)
Erik Thomson (Dave, Packed To The Rafters)
Gary Sweet (Jack, COPS LAC)
George Houvardas (Carbo, Packed To the Rafters)
Graeme Squires (Daniel, COPS LAC)
Hugh Sheridan (Ben, Packed To The Rafters)
Ian Stenlake (Mike, Sea Patrol)
James Sorensen (Declan, Neighbours)
James Stewart (Jake, Packed To The Rafters)
Jason Gann (Wilfred, Wilfred)
Jay Laga’aia (Nick, Bed Of Roses / Elijah, Home And Away)
Joel Tobeck (Tim, Tangle)
John Adam (Nick, City Homicide)
John Batchelor (Charge, Sea Patrol)
John Howard (Tom, Packed To The Rafters )
John Waters (Darcy, Offspring)
Jonny Pasvolsky (Zac, COPS LAC)
Jon Sivewright (Tony, Home And Away)
Jordan Rodrigues (Christian, Dance Academy)
Josef Ber (Dom, Rush)
Josh Quong Tart (Miles, Home And Away)
Kristian Schmid (RO, Sea Patrol / Alex, Packed To The Rafters)
Les Hill (Dean, Rescue Special Ops)
Luke Jacobz (Angelo, Home And Away)
Luke Mitchell (Romeo, Home And Away)
Martin Dingle Wall (Rhys, COPS LAC)
Matt Day (David, Rake / Gabriel, Tangle / Sid, Underbelly)
Matt King (Henry, Spirited)
Matthew Holmes (Swain, Sea Patrol)
Michael Caton (Ted, Packed To The Rafters)
Nikolai Nikolaeff (2Dads, Sea Patrol)
Paul Tassone (Dennis Kelly, Underbelly: The Golden Mile)
Peter O’Brien (George, Underbelly: The Golden Mile)
Peter Phelps (Vince, Rescue Special Ops )
Ray Meagher (Alf, Home And Away)
Richard Roxburgh (Cleaver, Rake)
Robert Mammone (Sid, Home And Away)
Rodger Corser (Lawson, Rush / Steve, Spirited)
Roy Billing (Graeme, COPS LAC)
Russell Dykstra (Barney, Rake)
Ryan Moloney (Toadie, Neighbours)
Salvatore Coco (Hammer, Underbelly: The Golden Mile)
Sam Clark (Ringo, Neighbours)
Samuel Johnson (Leon, Rush)
Scott Major (Lucas, Neighbours)
Shane Bourne (Stanley, City Homicide)
Shane Withington (Palmer, Home And Away )
Stefan Dennis (Paul, Neighbours)
Steve Bastoni (Louis, Underbelly: The Golden Mile)
Tim Pocock (Ethan, Dance Academy)
Todd Lasance (Aden, Home And Away)
Tom Green (Sammy, Dance Academy)
Tom Oliver (Lou, Neighbours)
Tom O’Sullivan (Nathan, COPS LAC)
Wayne Hope (Terry, The Librarians)
Wil Traval (Joe, Underbelly: The Golden Mile)

Adam Hills (Spicks And Specks)
Alan Brough (Spicks And Specks)
Alex Perry (Australia’s Next Top Model)
Andrew O’Keefe (Deal Or No Deal / Weekend Sunrise)
Andrew Winter (Selling Houses Australia)
Andy Lee (Hamish & Andy ‘Specials’)
Anna Gare (Junior MasterChef Australia)
Anthony Field (RSPCA Animal Rescue)
Anton Enus (World News Australia)
Bernard Curry (Beauty And The Geek)
Bert Newton (20 To 01)
Billy Brownless (The Footy Show (AFL) / The Sunday Footy Show)
Brendan Moar (Dry Spell Gardening Revisited)
Brian McFadden (Australia’s Got Talent)
Cameron Williams (Weekend Today)
Carrie Bickmore (The 7PM Project)
Catriona Rowntree (Getaway)
Charlie Pickering (The 7PM Project)
Charlotte Dawson (Australia’s Next Top Model)
Chris Bath (Sunday Night)
Chrissie Swan (The Circle)
Costa Georgiadis (Costa’s Garden Odyssey)
Craig Foster (The World Game)
Craig Hutchison (Footy Classified/ The Footy Show (AFL) / The Sunday Football Show)
Daniel MacPherson (Dancing With The Stars)
Dannii Minogue (Australia’s Got Talent)
Darren McMullen (Minute To Win It)
Daryl Somers (Hey Hey It’s Saturday)
Dave Hughes (The 7PM Project)
David Koch (Sunrise)
David Stratton (At The Movies)
Denise Drysdale (The Circle)
Dermott Brereton (Getaway)
Dr Chris Brown (Bondi Vet)
Dylan Lewis (Video Hits)
Eddie McGuire (Hot Seat)
Faustina Agolley (Video Hits)
Fifi Box (Four Weddings)
Garry Lyon (The Footy Show (AFL) / Footy Classified)
Gary Mehigan (MasterChef Australia / Junior MasterChef Australia)
George Calombaris (MasterChef Australia / Junior MasterChef Australia)
George Negus (Dateline)
Gorgi Coghlan (The Circle)
Grant Denyer (Australia’s Got Talent / Sunrise / Iron Chef Australia)
Guy Sebastian (The X Factor)
Hamish Blake (Hamish & Andy ‘Specials’)
Hayley Lewis (The Biggest Loser Australia)
James Brayshaw (The Footy Show (AFL) / The Sunday Footy Show)
Janice Petersen (World News Australia)
Jason Dundas (Getaway)
Jennifer Byrne (First Tuesday Book Club)
Jenny Brockie (Insight)
Johanna Griggs (Better Homes And Gardens)
Jules Lund (Getaway)
Julia Zemiro (RocKwiz)
Karl Stefanovic (Today)
Kelly Landry (Getaway)
Ken Sutcliffe (Wide World Of Sports)
Kerri-Anne Kennerley (Kerri-Anne)
Kerry O’Brien (The 7.30 Report)
Kris Smith (Football Superstar)
Kyle Sandilands (Australia’s Got Talent / The X Factor)
Kylie Gillies (The Morning Show)
Larry Emdur (The Morning Show)
Lee Furlong (Football Superstar)
Lee Lin Chin (World News Australia)
Leila McKinnon (Weekend Today)
Les Murray (The World Game)
Lisa Wilkinson (Today)
Luke Jacobz (The X Factor)
Maeve O’Meara (Italian Food Safari)
Margaret Pomeranz (At The Movies)
Matt Preston (MasterChef Australia/ Junior MasterChef Australia)
Matthew Hayden (Matthew Hayden’s Home Ground)
Matthew Johns (The Matty Johns Show)
Matthew White (Today Tonight)
Melissa Doyle (Sunrise/ The Zoo)
Michael Caton (Hot Property)
Mike Munro (Sunday Night)
Myf Warhurst (Spicks And Specks)
Natalie Bassingthwaighte (So You Think You Can Dance Australia)
Natalie Gruzlewski (The Farmer Wants a Wife / Getaway)
Natalie Imbruglia (The X Factor)
Paul McDermott (Good News Week)
Paul Vautin (The Footy Show (NRL))
Peter Maddison (Grand Designs Australia)
Peter Sterling (The Footy Show (NRL))
Poh Ling Yeow (Poh’s Kitchen)
Richard Morecroft (Letters And Numbers)
Ronan Keating (The X Factor)
Ruby Rose (The Ultimate School Musical)
Sam Newman (The Footy Show (AFL))
Samantha Armytage (Weekend Sunrise)
Sarah Murdoch (Australia’s Next Top Model)
Scott Cam (The Block 2010)
Shane Crawford (The Footy Show (AFL) / The Sunday Footy Show)
Shane Jacobson (Top Gear Australia)
Shane Warne (Warnie)
Shaun Micallef (Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation)
Shelley Craft (Australia’s Funniest Home Videos / Domestic Blitz)
Simon Reeve (It’s Academic / The Force: Behind The Line)
Sonia Kruger (Dancing With The Stars)
Tara Moss (Tough Nuts: Australia’s Hardest Criminals)
Tony Jones (Q&A / Lateline)
Tracy Grimshaw (A Current Affair)
Vasili Kanidiadis (Vasili’s Garden)
Wil Anderson (The Gruen Transfer)
Yumi Stynes (The Circle)

Bed Of Roses
City Homicide
Dance Academy
Home And Away
Packed To The Rafters
Rescue Special Ops
Sea Patrol
Underbelly: The Golden Mile

2010 Brownlow Medal Count
The Footy Show (AFL)
AFL Game Day
Before The Game
Fifth Quarter
Footy Classified
Formula 1 Pre-Race Show
Fox Sports FC
The Footy Show (NRL)
Inside Cricket
On The Couch
One Week At A Time
Sports Tonight
Sunday Roast
The Matty Johns Show
The Rugby Club
The Sunday Footy Show (AFL)
The Sunday Footy Show (NRL)
The World Game
Thursday Night Live
Wide World Of Sports

Better Homes And Gardens
Costa’s Garden Odyssey
Domestic Blitz
Gardening Australia
Gourmet Farmer
Grand Designs Australia
Home Cooked! With Julie Goodwin
Huey’s Kitchen
Italian Food Safari
Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam
Masterclass In Oils
Matthew Hayden’s Home Ground
Mercurio’s Menu
Poh’s Kitchen
Quickies In My Kitchen
Ready Steady Cook
Selling Houses Australia
Talk To The Animals
Tetsuya’s Pursuit of Excellence
Vasili’s Garden
Yianni’s City Life

Australia’s Next Top Model
Beauty And The Geek Australia
Come Dine With Me Australia
Dancing With The Stars
Football Superstar
Four Weddings
Iron Chef Australia
Junior MasterChef Australia
MasterChef Australia
My Kitchen Rules
Prank Patrol
Scorpion Island
So You Think You Can Dance Australia
The Biggest Loser Australia
The Block 2010
The Farmer Wants A Wife
The X Factor
The Ultimate School Musical

Air Ways
Blessed Mary: A Saint For All Australians
Bondi Rescue
Bondi Vet
Border Security: Australia’s Front Line
Charles Bean’s Great War
Comedy School
Dare I Ask?
Dick Smith’s Population Puzzle
Find My Family
Highway Patrol
Hot Property
Inside The Firestorm
Keeping Up With The Joneses
Making Australia Happy
The Making Of Modern Australia
Miracle In The Storm
Random Acts Of Kindness
RSPCA Animal Rescue
The Force: Behind The Line
The Secret Millionaire
The Zoo
Tough Nuts: Australia’s Hardest Criminals
Undercover Boss Australia
Who Do You Think You Are?
World’s Strictest Parents

20 To 01
Anthology Of Interest
Art Studio
Australia’s Funniest Home Videos
Australia’s Got Talent
Between The Lines
Camp Orange: Castle Mountain
Deal Or No Deal
Good News Week
Gruen Nation
The Gruen Transfer
Hamish & Andy’s Caravan
Of Courage: Great Britain
And Ireland
Hey Hey It’s Saturday
Hot Seat
Kids’ Choice TV
Learn India With Hamish & Andy
Letters And Numbers
Minute To Win It
Santo, Sam And Ed’s Cup Fever
See You Next Wednesday!
Spicks And Specks
Stefan And Craig: Slightly Live
Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation
The 7PM Project
The Circle
The Late Nite Show
The Librarians
The Morning Show
Top Gear Australia
Video Hits
Yes We Canberra
The Schlocky Horror Picture Show

Charles Cottier (Dexter, Home And Away )
Dan Mor (DK, Underbelly: The Golden Mile)
Eddie Perfect (Mick, Offspring)
Ewen Page (Presenter, Top Gear Australia)
Firass Dirani (John, Underbelly: The Golden Mile)
Jordan Smith (Andrew, Neighbours)
Josh Flinn (Mentor, Australia’s Next Top Model)
Kayne Tremills (Co-host, Studio 3)
Kevin Hofbauer (Christian, Rush)
Kris Smith (Co-host, Football Superstar)
Liam Renton (Host, 360)
Manu Feildel (Co-host, My Kitchen Rules)
Matthew Hayden (Host, Matthew Hayden’s Home Ground)
Nick Stathopoulos (Presenter, See You Next Wednesday)
Richard Davies (Jimmy, Offspring)
Ryan Corr (Coby, Packed To The Rafters )
Ryan O’Kane (Rhys, City Homicide)

Amberley Lobo (Co-host, Studio 3)
Chrissie Swan (Co-host, The Circle)
Emma Booth (Kim, Underbelly: The Golden Mile)
Hannah Marshall (Loretta, Packed To The Rafters)
Jordy Lucas (Summer, Neighbours)
Julie Goodwin (Presenter, Home Cooked! With Julie Goodwin)
Kelly Paterniti (Priscilla, COPS LAC)
Lily Serna (Co-presenter, Letters And Numbers)
Lisa Gormley (Bianca, Home And Away)
Poh Ling Yeow (Presenter, Poh’s Kitchen)
Rhiannon Fish (April, Home And Away)
Samara Weaving (Indi, Home And Away)
Valentina Novakovic (Tash, Neighbours)
Xenia Goodwin (Tara, Dance Academy)
Scott Black (Host, The Late Nite Show)

You can vote here.


  1. I would like to vote for Grant Denyer (sunrise) whose presentation each day starts my day off on a very good note. He gives information about his location in a thouroughly entertaining manner.

    And …… the Channel 7 cash cow is a better competition than any Udder competition!

    Kind regards,


  2. david jones-roberts missed out on best new talent last year. i really think he deserves most popular actor, he has grown so much as an actor since he came on air

  3. I hope that Next Top Model will finally get a nomination, it would be a big boost for Pay TV, and given the controversy this year maybe it has a chance…(of being nominated, not winning obviously)

  4. They should have separated TV Presenters in to Male and Female like they did with Most Popular Actor and Actress and Most Popular New Talent. If you are going to separate Male and Female then you should in all categories, either that or combine all categories to gender equality (really only saying that because I want to vote for both Julia Zemiro and Shaun Micallef in TV Presenter).

  5. Ive notice the Circle girls were campaigning yesterday. Personally I’d love to see Denise Drysdale up there again. Its great to hev her back on our screens.

  6. oh isn’t this going to be fun “cough”! We need to be able to nominate an “other” and we need to be able to skip categories – I have No clue on the sports programs, have never watched one, and have only watched one of the reality TV shows and factual programs – so I’m forced to vote thus leading to skewed voting

  7. i think it is an improvement from last year larry,kylie and the morning show weren’t even on it last year.

    but no Natalie Garonzi is a travesty, she should be in female and new female talent i know a few people that wanted to vote for her.

    and for gods sake rename the “new talent” categories to “rising star” categories. “new” is not what they are it is huge misnomer and causes the awards so much grief and confusion every year. there is nothing wrong with the term “rising” all overseas awards shows use it.

  8. Here are some people and programs missing
    – Presenters: Peter Everett (his show Ready Steady Cook has been nominated for the last 2 years too in the Lifestyle award); Andrew Voss (The Sunday Roast); Iain ‘Huey’ Hewitsan (Huey’s Cooking); Santo, Sam and Ed (fCup Fever); Mark Beretta and Tom Williams (Australia’s greatest Athlete), Pete Evans (My Kitchen Rules); Rob Canning and Brad McEwan (Sports Tonight)

    – Sports Program:- The AFL Brownlow Medal Count is included, but the NRL Dally M is not. Other sports programs not included are Offsiders (ABC1), World Football News (ONE), Overtime (Ten), The Cricket Show (9), Cycling Central (SBS) and Australia’s Greatest Athlete (7, again misses out) and probably others,.

    Manu Feidel is listed as New Talent (even though he appeared on Ready Steady Cook for a few years)

    On a good note, nice to see Larry, Kylie and The Morning Show listed for once. Nice to see the Circle ladies up as well.

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