Agro & Ann-Maree Biggar to reunite

Yet another TV reunion is about to take place, this time one of the most iconic duos in Kid’s TV: Agro and Ann-Maree Biggar.

Biggar is the host this evening of the 40th Anniversary of Toyworld Australia at the Regent Plaza Ballroom in Melbourne.

Fittingly, she will re-unite with that irascible puppet Agro for the first time in 15 years.

Biggar worked with Agro (Jamie Dunn) from 1989 – 1995 on Seven’s Agro’s Cartoon Connection. Hosting segments in between cartoons, the two had a cheeky rapport that became more interesting than the cartoons themselves.

“If you put our show on television today it would probably get shutdown straight away because we were so politically incorrect. We would say some of the naughtiest things,” she told TV Tonight.

“We would call them F1-Elevens, they would just go straight over the heads of the kids but the adults would get them. So it was always two streams of comedy -and of course it was live. We just flew by the seat of our pants!

“They would say ‘You’ve got 3 minutes here and then you’re throwing to The Flintstones,’ and we’d say ‘Yeah ok’ and just run our own race.”

While Agro , or the monobrow bathmat as he is often called, may have worked with other co-hosts including Terasa Livingstone and Holly Brisley it was with Biggar that the chemistry sparkled.

“It was a partnership like Daryl & Ossie, or Daryl & Jacki MacDonald. I’ve had so many years with Agro our working relationship was quite special because I could pre-empt what he was about to do and vice versa. I think in this business if you can do that that’s half the battle,” she said.

Similarly, Biggar worked with both Marty the Monster and Fat Cat.

“I’ve worked with a lot of stuffed animals!” she laughs.

“But Agro was a working relationship that I don’t think I’ve had with anybody again.

“We were always on planes, always doing shows, it was a very busy time. In those days it was the hey-day of television.”

After Cartoon Connection Biggar worked on The Great Outdoors, In Melbourne Tonight, Good Morning Australia, 9AM with David & Kim.

Now she is a mother of two and prefers to spend time with her children while they are still young.

“Jamie and I had a chat the other day and we’re actually really happy to be working with one another. We haven’t worked with one another for a very long time and I know he’s looking forward to it.”

Proving she still has has fire, Biggar has her eyes on the 7 Logie Awards won for Most Popular Children’s Program, held by Jamie Dunn.

“I told him he better bring those bloody Logies down. I said ‘You’ve already got 6 of them, but those others are mine’


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