Facebook fan joins Somers Carroll

The woman who began a Facebook fansite to bring Hey Hey it’s Saturday back to television has been rewarded with a position at production company Somers Carroll.

Corrine Lawrence’s love for the long-running show has now attracted over 600,000 supporters to the Hey Hey Facebook page she created.

Grateful host Daryl Somers told its followers: “I’m very excited to announce that Corrine Lawrence, who started this page, is joining Somers Carroll. Corrine is coming from Adelaide where she has been employed as a graphic artist. She is obviously a great talent having the initiative to start her bring back Hey Hey campaign back in 2008.”

Somers Carroll is producing a documentary on GTV9’s former Bendigo Street studios which was the hub of live television in Melbourne for decades.

“Sadly, there’s nothing to report about the on-air prospects of Hey Hey at this time but I can’t thank you enough for your efforts and genuine enthusiasm to keep the show on air. I can tell you that you’re not alone as we have been trying our best to make it happen too!”

The show could well be listed in the Logie nominations which are announced next Sunday, and if its fans have their way it may even win one.


  1. For god sake channel nine bring this show back. Find a way to make it work. Perhaps fewer shows or 1 1/2 hours instead of 2 1/2 hour shows if its a money thing.. We need light hearted variety entertainment on tv. To all those politically correct(minority), lighten up for god sake. Have we forgotten how to take the p**s out of things. We dont want another cooking show. Hey hey doesnt need to change. I grew up loving it and whilst it was on again my children absolutely loved it. If channel nine doesnt want it why dont you approach seven or ten Daryl and help increase their ratings. I mean if I was a tv exec and had a choice between Hey Hey, Ben Elton or Mike and Molly I know what I would be choosing.

  2. Its too costly and its that simple. Bluemoon figures are wrong and misleading. HHIS never made 9 number1. Terribe show since it retutuned. Cya 🙂

  3. Secret Squïrrel

    Love internet conspiracy theories… Bluemoon, “this time last year” (actually April), even on nights when HHiS was getting over a million, Channel Nine was still 2-3% behind Ch. Seven, and sometimes third for the night behind Ten.

    Nine are doing comparatively worse now because their content is so much worse. Hanging their schedule on Underbelly and Top Gear (both of which have lost their shine), the polarising Eddie, plus repetitive spam, whilst playing dartboard with time-slots is what is costing them any chance of taking No. 1 from Seven. HHiS is just one very small piece of that picture.

    You’d think that Nine would do almost anything for a (nearly) guaranteed (nearly) million viewers but HHiS is far too expensive for the return on the investment it gives them. Good taste didn’t kill HHiS. It was simple economics.

  4. @bluemoon,
    To be far, 9 is still doing average this year with Saturday nights, and at the beginning of the year they won 3 Saturdays in a row without HHIS. Without referring to what happened this time 1 year ago (which are incomparable as we now have an extra 4 multi-channels), lets look at more recent ratings for the show and the last Saturday HHIS aired in 2010. When the last HHIS aired in 2010, was 9 still on the “verge of becoming the Number 1 network again”?

    I dont think people with ratings meters are tuning out (not atm anyway) as 9 is doing very well in News and current affairs which would mean those people are still watching 9 and giving them the good ratings (9 won last weeks ratings in News and current affairs).

    As for shows, yes 9 admitted that it has been a “slow” start to the year but they said they had expected this as more people have switched to digital Tv since the last ratings season and 9 also have 2 multi-channels which are doing quite well in addition. Best way to sum HHIS ratings is by drawing a month by month graph and looking at the direction of the arrow. It constantly drops month-by month and the real question is, is the show going to magically recover and if it does see the day light again in late 2011, will keeping the same format work?

    If it does come back, imo there will no doubt be a massive change to the shows presentation and format as they can’t afford to mess up a third time after everything that has gone on to get it this far.

  5. @Matthew, don’t go and ruin a good conspiracy theory! I love it that there’s people out there who feel they have enough power to have programs fail or succeed on their say so. Nine’s run of failures has more to do with their anachronistic commissioning and programming style than anything else.

  6. @ Matthew if you look at the ratings for Channel Nine this time last year when Hey Hey was on, Nine were actually doing very well and were on the verge of becoming the Number 1 network again. But now they have no chance, as you see my friend, certain people with ratings boxes and with positions of power have been recruited to ensure to the last breath that Nine will not succeed in anything they do this year.

  7. I dont understand why you say 9 wont be no.1 until HHIS returns. If I remember rightly, it hasn’t been no.1 since 2006 & therefore HHIS has nothing to do with 9 being no.1, infact, HHIS would be already back on air if it was making 9 no.1, wouldn’t it? 😉

    It was hardly a mistake taking it off air as it lost nearly 2 million viewers from the reunion shows to the last show in 2010 (and that was only in 2 years). If you draw a graph according to its rating figures, you will see that the line continues to drop every week except on the odd occasion where it may go up slightly. Overall, draw a line graph from the reunion show to the last show of 2010 and see which way the line heads. Its either the ratings went up, were pretty consistent/ minor drop or went down?

  8. I can understand that many Australians thought it was funny in the previous century but soon after the reunion specials and the racist stunt, it began to lack in comedy, jokes were old and boring, the show ran out of ideas & the worst of all we saw repeated content. A lot of the older generations like the show but as new generations come along, we are slowly moving onto new comedies and ratings have shown US comedies are the most popular and on the rise.

    Producers have to take into account that the show hasn’t done Australia’s reputation any good in the past 3 years. While some 750 000 Australians may had found the show entertaining, its also had a major negative impact overseas due to the ‘black faces’ act. Basically we dont need anymore bad publicity from this show.

  9. @Jason – you’re right, of course you are, it being on TV or not doesn’t really impact on the quality (or lack thereof) of TV content. And if I were commenting with the rational part of my brain that knows what other people do in the privacy of their own homes is of no concern to me I’d leave it at that.

    But of course that’s not what internet comments are for…they’re for expressing extreme thoughts right? And my extreme thought is not that having Hey Hey exist Does impact my quality of life even if I don’t watch it. I have to listen to people discuss it (my desk is near the office kitchen), I have to put up with the emails from overseas relatives when the show is so moronic as to think people in blackface won’t offend an American (I don’t care if that was right or wrong to do, I care that they are so thick as to not have predicted that the pairing of blackface contestants and Harry Conick Jr would not go well in the 21st century).

    And I have to live with the knowledge that many hundreds of thousands of my fellow Australians think it’s funny. This kind of thing keeps me awake nights. Wondering who they all are, how many of them I know personally, how many I might be related to…it’s disturbing. That’s why I don’t want it on my TV – I just don’t want it to exist. I want to be able to live in a fantasy world/alternate reality where Hey Hey and The Footy Show have never existed.


  10. I’d like to see it back, but I don’t think it will be with the ratings it got. As for all these people who groan about it and don’t want it on their screens. I have this to ask – exactly what Quality TV has Hey Hey prevented you from seeing? In the years that it was off the air Nothing of any substance or interest to anyone under the age of 80 was aired on a Saturday night.

    I’m not saying Hey Hey is quality TV, but its not exactly taking real estate away from other quality productions

  11. @MuchoTB I am also a supporter of your campaign. It has long been said that every show on Nine will fail and fall like dominoes until HHIS is brought back to television screens. And so far it has all become a reality and will contiunue to be so until Nine realise their mistake and bring back HHIS. Until then Nine can say goodbye to the number 1 position this year.

  12. We are the Hey Hey Its Saturday Vatican Assassin Warlocks.

    We are one, for we are many. We have positioned many of our figureheads into key positions in the business, government, and media sectors.

    Every show on Nine will continue to fail until we are victorious in bringing HHIS back onto our screens. We just really aren’t willing to let this go. Sanity be damned.

  13. Well done to Corrine, I’m glad Daryl is truly appreciative of what she did to get the show back on the air, even if it was just for a short time.

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