2011 Logie Awards: winners

The 53rd TV Week Logie Awards was a winning night for The Circle, Packed to the Rafters, Masterchef, Underbelly & Karl Stefanovic.

The 53rd TV Week Logie Awards are underway at Crown Palladium in Melbourne.

The show opened with Katy Perry singing “Firework” before host Shane Bourne took to the stage and began his gags, which got a good reception from the tough room.

“There are more chefs in the audience than there are in the kitchen,” he said.

“Ray Meagher is either Tweeting or asleep.”

Also performing tonight are Jessie J., Maroon 5, Andre Rieu and Tripod.

Charles Cottier (Home And Away, Channel Seven)
Eddie Perfect (Offspring, Network Ten)
Firass Dirani (Underbelly: The Golden Mile, Nine Network)
Manu Feildel (My Kitchen Rules, Channel Seven)
Ryan Corr (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)

“Katy Perry please have my babies!” said Firass.

“Thankyou for injecting some caramel flavour into our TV screens.”

Chrissie Swan (The Circle, Network Ten)
Emma Booth (Underbelly: The Golden Mile, Nine Network)
Hannah Marshall (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Julie Goodwin (Home Cooked With Julie Goodwin, Nine Network)
Poh Ling Yeow (Poh’s Kitchen, ABC1)

“Andre Rieu I swear if I was thirty years older,” Chrissie Swan said, before thanking her Circle co-stars. “We talk about boobies and everything.”

TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE Most Popular Presenter
Adam Hills (Spicks And Specks, ABC1)
Chrissie Swan (The Circle, Network Ten)
Hamish Blake (Hamish & Andy ‘Specials’, Network Ten)
Karl Stefanovic (Today, Nine Network)
Shaun Micallef (Talkin’ Bout Your Generation, Network Ten)

“Lisa is not only a great sort but has been a great calming effect on my life,” Karl said. Of his wife he said, “She has also got the best arse I’ve ever seen.”

Home And Away (Channel Seven)
Neighbours (Network Ten)
Offspring (Network Ten)
Packed To The Rafters (Channel Seven)
Rush (Network Ten)
Underbelly: The Golden Mile (Nine Network)

The cast dedicated the award to director Esben Storm, husband of Rafters’ head of wardrobe.

Better Homes And Gardens (Channel Seven)
Domestic Blitz (Nine Network)
Getaway (Nine Network)
Grand Designs Australia (Foxtel [The Lifestyle Channel])
Ready Steady Cook (Network Ten)

“Karl we don’t have bum and poo jokes, we made comfort television” said Johanna Griggs.
“We don’t know what’s going to happen to our programme but we hope wherever it ends up you stay with it.”

“By the way Andre Rieu, Arnold Schwarzzenegger in drag, just putting it out there,” said presenter Adam Hills.

Bondi Rescue (Network Ten)
Bondi Vet (Network Ten)
RPA (Nine Network)
Undercover Boss Australia (Network Ten)
Who Do You Think You Are? (SBS)

“We’re just a bunch of guys who work down the beach, it’s probably the best job in the world,” said the cast. They also thanked the backpackers of Bondi, Waverley council workers and Channel TEN.

The Chaser boys thanked the Queen for being allowed to appear at the Logies.

Dancing With The Stars (Channel Seven)
MasterChef Australia (Network Ten)
The Biggest Loser Australia (Network Ten)
The Farmer Wants A Wife (Nine Network)
The X Factor (Channel Seven)

Matt Preston thanked the partners of the crew while Calombaris thanked the hospitality industry. “Finally we’re getting rid of all those comedians,” he said.


Camp Orange: Castle Mountain (Foxtel [Nickelodeon])
Dance Academy (ABC3)
Dead Gorgeous (ABC3)
Hi-5 (Nine Network)
Prank Patrol (ABC3)

Good News Week (Network Ten)
Hey Hey It’s Saturday (Nine Network)
Sunrise (Channel Seven)
Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation (Network Ten)
The Circle (Network Ten)

“I don’t think any of us dreamed we would be here within 16 months on air,” said producer Pam Barnes.

Denise Drysdale added, “Can you believe I’m up here all these years later?”

“53 years of unmitigated rubbish,” said Roy and HG.

“All this arse and rack shit leaves me cold.”

Before The Game (Network Ten)
The Footy Show (AFL) (Nine Network)
The Footy Show (NRL) (Nine Network)
The Matty Johns Show (Channel Seven)
Wide World Of Sports (Nine Network)

2010 AFL Grand Final (Channel Seven)
2010 Melbourne Cup (Channel Seven)
Rugby League – 2010 State Of Origin – Game One (Nine Network)
The Ashes 2010 First Test – Day One at the Gabba (Nine Network)
XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi (Foxtel)

In one of the more poignant moments, Eddie Perfect and Tripod paid tribute to those we lost this year, singing a Paul Kelly song. This year the Logies consulted with TV Tonight on the In Memoriam list.

“Afghanistan Rocket Attack” (Ten News)
“Election 2010″ (Sky News)
“Laurie Oakes Election Leaks” (Nine News)
“New Zealand Mine Disaster” (Seven News)
“Pakistan Floods” (ABC News)

Seven News presenters dedicated their trophy to the 29 miners who died in the NZ mining disaster.


“Brothers In Arms” (Sunday Night, Channel Seven)
“Hey Dad Scandal” (A Current Affair, Nine Network)
“Iraq’s Deadly Legacy” (Dateline, SBS)
“Smugglers’ Paradise” (Four Corners, ABC1)
“The Condemned” (Dateline, SBS)

Four Corners thanked an Iraqi refugee, Hussain, in Indonesia who assisted with the story being possible. He still lives in Indonesia, unable to live in Australia.

The Hall of Fame award was presented to Nine News‘ Laurie Oakes by surprise presenter Jana Wendt, before a standing ovation.

“Whether I am worthy or not I am pleased the information side of television is being recognised,” said Oakes.

Oakes said he loved television for its power to show emotion from politicians as they are answering questions.

“Politics is television drama,” saidd.

He also added that he was “hooked on the crack cocaine of journalism.”

“If anyone’s interested I will be ushing small packets of journalism at the after-party,” he said.

Bondi Rescue (Network Ten)
Miracle in the Storm (ABC1)
RPA (Nine Network)
Such Is Life: The Troubled Times Of Ben Cousins (Channel Seven)
Trishna & Krishna: The Quest For Separate Lives (Channel Seven)

Emma Booth (Underbelly: The Golden Mile, Nine Network)
Firass Dirani (Underbelly: The Golden Mile, Nine Network)
Richard Davies (Offspring, Network Ten)
Ryan Corr (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Sarah Snook (Sisters Of War, ABC1)

Callan Mulvey (Rush, Network Ten)
Don Hany (Offspring, Network Ten / Tangle, Foxtel [Showcase])
Erik Thomson (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Hugh Sheridan (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Michael Caton (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)

“I want to dedicate this award to my mum because I don’t thankyou everyday or enough,” said Sheridan.

TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE Most Popular Actress
Asher Keddie (Offspring, Network Ten)
Jessica Marais (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Margot Robbie (Neighbours, Network Ten)
Rebecca Gibney (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Zoe Ventoura (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)

“(Producer) John Edwards, what can I say, I wish you were here with me tonight. Thankyou so much for the opportunities over the last six years,” said Asher Keddie.

UK singer Jessie J. had the room dancing to her “Logies dance” in one of the more spontaneous moments.

Rachel Griffiths was another surprise presenter but spoke about soon beoming jobless.

“I think I am going to be unemployed,” she said.

TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE Most Outstanding Drama Series, Miniseries or Telemovie
Hawke (Network Ten)
Packed To The Rafters (Channel Seven)
Rake (ABC1)
Rush (Network Ten)
Sisters Of War (ABC1)
Underbelly: The Golden Mile (Nine Network)

Hamish & Andy’s Caravan of Courage: Great Britain & Ireland (Network Ten)
Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam (SBS)
Spicks And Specks (ABC1)
Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation (Network Ten)
Yes We Canberra! (ABC1)

“Thankyou to a man by the name of Peter Faiman,” said Adam Hills, who also thanked RocKwiz.

TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE Most Outstanding Actor
Erik Thomson (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Hugh Sheridan (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Jason Gann (Wilfred, SBS)
Richard Roxburgh (Hawke, Network Ten)
Richard Roxburgh (Rake, ABC1)

Roxburgh joked about accepting for Hawke instead of Rake before thanking producers, writers and the ABC for investing public money into a project nobody else wanted.

TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE Most Outstanding Actress
Asher Keddie (Offspring, Network Ten)
Catherine McClements (Rush, Network Ten)
Claire van der Boom (Sisters Of War, ABC1)
Justine Clarke (Tangle, Foxtel [Showcase])
Kat Stewart (Offspring, Network Ten)

Rebecca Gibney, Packed to the Rafters
Adam Hills, Spicks and Specks
Asher Keddie, Offspring, Hawke
Jessica Marais, Packed to the Rafters
Karl Stefanovic, Today
Chrissie Swan, The Circle

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  1. The same people who say the NRL Footy Show never desrved it’s Logies then go on to say Chrissy Swan did?
    Talk about making no sense. The Circle gets less viewers than NRL Footy Show and is beaten in it’s timeslot every day.

  2. missed griggsy’s comment, cannot wait to youtube it later!

    firass durani, what a tosser! he did not deserve the graham kennedy award.

    glad to see the circle and asher keddie win. richard roxburgh looks like a fine actor, i will definitely have to see more of his work.

  3. Shane did a Great Job very well done mate… Karl is tops any person that can be in England fly all the way back to be at the Logies and be on the today show this morning should win gold…I use to like Joanna Grigg but after that smart remark on Karl I will never give her the time of day again there wasn`t any need for it …come on play nice. ” Congatulations Karl.”

  4. I am so happy Karl won he is just the best I love the Today show he is just so funny the man also loves his family he is tops in my book

  5. SBS didn’t get a mention..
    Going to get International awards anyway

    Just a bunfest put on ny Nine for NIne. Ther had to be a reason why they Bought the awards.
    Karl & the Cricket.. OH dear. Ifthat is the Best onAustralian TV then we might as well shut it Down


  6. @ catherine,
    Roy & HG nailed it when they asked how did the NRL keep winning when nobody watches it. Perhaps the same question could be asked of the Circle?

  7. Rafters got 2 out of 15 nominations. Do you think this has something to do with taking it off air after 6 episodes? If it was still on i reckon would have won more.

  8. Tripod and Eddie Perfect performed that song together with the same arrangement a few years ago on Paul McDermott’s ABC show “The Sideshow”. Very nice.

    All in all an entertaining night.

  9. Shane did a great job…well done…the biggest embarrasment of the night for me was…. Joanna griggs…where did that little outburst come from…i think she did something similar last years or the year before didnt she?? weird oh well…sore losser come to mind…instead of being gracious, still having a go at the opposition…. brain explosion or what

  10. I thought the logies were just weird this year in who won. They were all deserving but the obvious winners didnt win. Loved that the Circle won and its good to see ch10 did something 9 couldnt do and put on a show with 4 women and make it work. I think Daryl Sommersa should acknowledge now that Hey Hey isnt as popular as it used to be. It got beaten by morning show. But good work by Pam Barnes to make it work.

    Roy & HG were hilarious and funny especially when Roy said how did the NRL footy show get nominated nobody watches it. Then they had another dig at it.

    So happy so see Spicks and Specks win. Its a fantastic show and we got to see Adam make a speech. He deserves a gold one day.

    I enjoyed the memoriam bit, never thought Tripod could be so serious. Well done to Chrissie and I didnt think Asher had a hope in winning best actress. LAurie Oaks made a gracious speech to.

    How did Geroge get away with wearing jeans. He looked disgraceful up there in them, wheres the respect to the ocassion.

    The disappointing thing i took away from it was obviously Brothers & Sisters is ending when Rachel said she is soon to be unemployed. Dam it. love that show.

  11. @daveinprogress: Tripod is best known for their funny songs, so it was a surprise to see them performing a serious song (with Eddie Perfect) for a change.

  12. There were few surprises, such as The Circle winning two awards, Underbelly: The Golden Mile named most outstanding drama, Laurie Oakes Not winning most outstanding news coverage, and Karl Stefanovic winning the Gold Logie. Overall, the coverage was OK. There was some audio problems when Katy Perry performed Firework, but it was fixed by the time Maroon 5 was on stage.

  13. Woohoo!!!! Go Karl! So funny! So down to earth! Easy going and a pleasure to watch with the Today team! Nothing better than waking up with laughter each morning! All you Karl haters should go build a bridge and get over it! Sore losers…. Pfft!

  14. I thought Shane did a great job as host; Bert would have been proud! A good cross section of winners – looking at the gold category – Rafters were represented with popular drama, but not the women; Chrissie Swan and the Circle both wins, Spicks and Specks finally scores thereby honouring Adam Hills, Asher Keddie finally winning a Logie; ironically in the Popular category; not an outstanding award; and Karl winning two – an even mix. So all the Gold contenders were winners. The surprises for me Claire Van der Boom in surely the toughest field – Asher, Kat, Justine, Catherine – what a great set of fine actresses and not a Claudia, Susie or Deb in that mix either! Disappointments for me, Offspring should have been up for Oustanding Drama – how it was overlooked, but Rafters was in that category, and Angus McClaren overlooked in any category. Ryan Corr should have won something. Loved Eddie Perfect and Tripod – really moving acapella. A pretty good night.

  15. My god there are some very bitter people commenting here ! I may not have been pleased with the winners of some categories, but I accept that they won because they were most popular etc. There is no need for such hateful remarks towards some of the winners. Overall, I thought it was a fantastic awards show.

  16. Wasn’t there meant to be a mention of Jeanne Little in the show tonight?

    But it really showed that the Gold Logie can be bought by whoever throws the most money in advertising and sms messages. I don’t know if Karl is really genuinely liked more than any other person on television. And was Underbelly really so Outstanding to score three awards??

    Am very pleased for Chrissie Swan, The Circle, Asher Keddie and Spicks And Specks for their respective awards. All very worthy of recognition, especially The Circle which came out of nowhere a year ago and has clearly struck a chord with viewers.

    And at least Roy and HG mentioned the elephant in the room… how the NRL Footy Show could win popular Logies by not being watched by anyone… and at least the AFL guys got a win this year.

    A couple of names I thought missing from the memoriam tributes, producer Eric Fullilove (who worked on shows like Skippy and produced some early productions for SBS, including their opening night telemovie) and former HSV-7 journalist and presenter Malcolm Gray.

  17. Did anyone notice the reaction of Daryl Somers when The Circle won instead of Hey Hey, i’d love to know what he said to the person sitting next to him. Congratulations to all the winners, especially Karl and Chrissie, they seem to attract the most haters here unfortunately.

  18. Well , Well , Well , predictable negative Karl Stefanovic comments , who woyld have thought I would find them on here .( cough , cough )

    Karl Stefanovic won cause people voted for him , lots and lots of people It seems , but that’s how this whole Logies thing works , you think after 53 years we would have caught on by now .

    Well done Karl , you deserve It .

  19. A very surprising result. The first time in years I havn’t picked the winner. I’m sure if Packed to the Rafters were currently on air Rebecca would have won. The new system where votes continue online after the nominations are annouced are a total crock.

    Oh and Ferass Dirani and Underbelly winning the peer award, really? Who were the judges, and do they actually watch tv drama? Ryan Corr and Emma Booth were much more deserving.

  20. @John Jackson – yes, I think Valentina realised this when they showed the five nominees together – she looked embarrassed. As for Karl winning, as he himself acknowledged in his speech, it was a “campaign”. I have nothing against Karl as a person or a journalist, but for him to follow Rove, Kate Ritchie, Rebecca Gibney and Ray Meagher for Gold is a joke. In the list of Gold Logie winners, he sticks out like a sore thumb. Good luck to him, though. It’s not as though someone no one has ever even heard of won.

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