Axed: $#*! My Dad Says, Mad Love, The Defenders

More cancellations in the US spell bad news for Nine and TEN.

More cancellations in the US spell bad news for Nine and TEN.

The most profile axing is William Shatner’s $#*! My Dad Says and Mad Love, both Nine titles and The Defenders for TEN.

S#*! My Dad Says
The William Shatner sitcom followed The Big Bang Theory in the US but was replaced by Rules of Engagement. It averaged 10.7 million viewers.

Mad Love
This comedy starred Jason Biggs and Judy Greer and centres around four twentysomething New Yorkers searching for love. It averaged 7 million viewers in the US but is yet to air in Australia.

The Defenders
TEN has this Jim Belushi and Jerry O’Connell drama which performed decently before it was moved. It averaged 10.5 million viewers, and is unaired in Australia.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I really don’t know why you persist on using overall viewer numbers David, when they don’t mean anything. The Defenders never performed “decently”, it was the worst non-Friday ratings performer for CBS throughout fall, and rated worse than Friday regulars Blue Bloods & CSI: NY when it was tried there.

    @ Daniel. Yes, in Australia the survival of most shows would be determined on overall ratings first and foremost Then other factors like the overall cost of the program vs. the ratings it is delivering and the demographic breakdowns. In America, overall viewer numbers do not matter, instead a show’s survival almost always depends on its 18-49 rating. David E. Kelley infamously wrote an entire episode of Boston Legal around the abandonment of older viewers by US networks, as BL was still doing nicely in overall numbers when it was canned.

    Cougar Town regularly pulls in the high 2s to low 3s in the 18-49s, The Defenders premiered in the high 2s but was down to 2.0 and below by November, which for a non-Friday show is not survivable (unless it is on NBC).

    @ steve – Desperate Housewives is ABC’s 3rd best scripted performer in the 18-49 demographic, so until the ratings collapse or the actors/producers decide to end things, ABC will keep it around.

  2. Wow so many of the those shows were averaging around 10 million viewers and still got axed! I guess the demos really matter in the U.S as well as potential royalties from DVD and syndication.

    I say this because Desperate Housewives just had it season finale and only got 9.7 million. It must be making a fortune behind the scenes to remain on the air if 10 million viewers is not enough to save other shows

  3. im confused here…10.7 million is a good number i think….

    i mean look at cougar town…renewed for season 3 and that gets less then 7 million…..is there somthing I’m missing here…..

    bloody americans wouldnt know a good show if it hit them right in the face…

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