Airdate: Wild Boys

Seven’s new drama will premiere at 7:30pm Sunday September 4th.

The bushranger series, as first revealed last November by TV Tonight, wrapped on production yesterday and a media launch is slated for late next week.

Produced by Southern Star, the series boasts terrific production values taking viewers back to our colonial past.

Watch out for Jeremy Sims and Nathaniel Dean as ‘villains’ having the most fun and newcomer Alexander England as wild boy Conrad Fischer.

Source: Daily Telegraph


  1. Why are people compairing this to deadwood ? because It’s the most recent “western” seen on T.V ? come on folks stop making me laugh , and so what If It’s a lightweight program , one minute people are carrying on about too much blood and boobs on our screens , and now It seems people are complaining that there may not be enough of It on one program , and as T.V Tomorrow wrote , It’s even more silly that people are bagging a show before they have seen It .

  2. Sooo looking forward to this show. It Still is not showing up on any schedules though, I just tried to program to record on Foxtel and there is a highway patrol show in that time slot…:/ any ideas???

  3. Will definitely be checking this out. Surprised it is given a 7.30 slot though. I guess it is all ages viewing.

    Not sure exactly of the time frame but would be good if they were able to throw the names of some real people in such as Ned Kelly (not necessarily have anyone play him though), and so forth rather than just have everyone be fictitious characters.

  4. I think it’s clear that this will not be an australian version of Deadwood. It’s been given a 7:30 timeslot. It won’t be a dark show. It sounds like there is a lot of comedy, a lot of fun action (compared with the darker action in Underbelly) and something that will target family viewing which they know works well for them. It is possible that a Channel Seven version of Underbelly may not work given that there’s a different audience so that’s probably a reason why it’s lighter.

  5. Hey Mucho – Because it would be up against Razor and why kill two dramas that are both likely to be successful (you’ll notice i didnt say good)..

  6. @TV.Tomorrow well given that the promos made it out to be a 8:30pm show, when it looks like it’s going to be “The Beautiful and the Bushranger” when it could have been our Deadwood and cater to not just women but men as well.

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